War of the Rebellion: Serial 015 Page 0135 Chapter XXIV. GENERAL REPORTS.

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Question by General MCDOWELL. Is the witness to be understood, as he has stated, that he received an order from General Pope for his corps to march from Waterloo Bridge to Warrenton in the night, and that this order was received by the witness at Waterloo before his corps had commenced to march, and that it was in obedience to this order of General Pope's that witness marched his corps in the night form Waterloo to Warrenton, as is stated in his official report? If so, will the witness please state if the order was written or verbal?

Answer. The order sent to me was written; it directed me to march to Warrenton. When I received the order I made my preparation to evacuate my position and to march to Fayetteville, because i thought from the reference in the paper that I would find my pontoon train at Fayetteville. I thought that the original programme was taken up, and that my first order, of which a part was missing, was an order directing me to march to Fayetteville. During these preparations, and when my corps had not left yet its position, I received the order from General Pope. It was not dark yet when I received this order, and it was perfectly dark when my first troops marched off from the field. Whether it was said that I should march at night or not I cannot well remember. I thought only that it was necessary under the circumstances to march as soon as possible, because I thought we would have a battle near Warrenton, and as I thought this my position was really exposed, the enemy having already flanked it.

The court adjourned to meet to-morrow, December 24, 1862, at 11 o'clock a. m.



Washington, D. C., December 24, 1862.

The court met pursuant to adjournment. Present, * * *, and Major General FRANZ SIGEL, U. S. Volunteers, the witness under examination.

* * * * * *

Question by General MCDOWELL. Did the order you refer to in your last answer of yesterday require you to march to Warrenton?

Answer. As much as I remember, it was said in the order either that I should march to Warrenton or the neighborhood of Warrenton, which I understood was Warrenton, or a place in the neighborhood of Warrenton, where troops can be camped.

Question by General MCDOWELL. With reference to the connection between the First and Third Corps and the support you say General McDowell was to give you at Waterloo Bridge, have you not stated in your official report that, in accordance with an order of General Pope, General Milroy should have been relieved in the morning by a brigade of General McDowell? If so, state what order of General Pope's was it that required General McDowell to send a brigade to Waterloo and one to Sulphur Springs?

Answer. There were different orders given to me in regard to the movement of our army or of my corps at that time. One order directed me to march to Waterloo Bridge. The next order was an order from General Pope. I do not know exactly at what time I had received this order, but it was a general order, giving instructions to all the different commanders of corps. According to this order my corps should occupy Warrenton, and send a brigade to Waterloo Bridge and one to Sulphur Springs.

During the day I was waiting for his brigade because I did not like to evacuate a position in the face of a strong enemy without having other troops there, and I really thought that one brigade would not be enough. Whilst I was waiting for the brigade of General McDowell General Roberts brought me the verbal order that I should not march to Fayetteville, but stay at Waterloo Bridge. Whilst I was waiting for the troops of General McDowell, and had received that fragmentary paper of which I have