War of the Rebellion: Serial 015 Page 0123 Chapter XXIV. GENERAL REPORTS.

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Answer. I am his own full brother. To the latter question I answer there is no relation whatever.

Question by General MCDOWELL. Is there or has there been any relationship or connection, by marriage or blood, between General McDowell and any of the enemy's generals?

Answer. None that I know of.

The court had no questions to ask this witness.

Major General FRANZ SIGEL, U. S. Volunteers, a witness, was duly sworn.

Question by the COURT. What is your rank in the service of the United States?

Answer. I am major-general of volunteers.

Question by the COURT. Have you held command in any corps or

department where you have operated in connection with General McDowell or in a department contiguous to one in which General McDowell had command; and, if so, when where? Describe fully and particularly.

Answer. At the time when General Banks was in the Shenandoah Valley and General Fremont I marched from Harper's Ferry to Winchester, where I learned that he forces of General McDowell were at Front Royal. Afterward, during the campaign of General Pope, I knew that the forces of General McDowell were at Warrenton and the vicinity, whilst my corps was at Sperryville and Luray.

During the operations on the Rappahannock. I was under the direct orders of General Pope, co-operating with General McDowell. After the engagements at Freeman's Ford, Sulphur Springs, and Waterloo Bridge I received an order from General Pope that my corps was attached to the command of General McDowell. I regarded myself under his orders from this time until after the battle of Bull Run. I cannot give exact dates without reference to my papers. I cannot give the date when I left Harper's Ferry for Winchester. It was, however, about the 4th of June we arrived at Harper's Ferry, and I left the same day for Winchester with the troops I found at Harper's Ferry.

We marched to Sperryville from Winchester and Middletown about the last of June or first of July. I arrived at Culpeper on the 9th of August, during the battle of General Banks at Cedar Mountain. After the battle of Cedar Mountain my corps marched to Robertson River and Crooked Creek. We left this position in the middle of August and marched by Aestham River to Sulphur Springs, and from Sulphur Springs to Rappahannock Station, where we joined General McDowell's corps. On the 24th August we were at Waterloo Bridge, and on the 27th in Warrenton. On the 28th we marched from Gainesville toward Manassas, General McDowell following the First Corps-my corps-at that time the First Corps, Army of Virginia. i do not know how far

General McDowell followed my movements on that day. I had orders to march to Manassas, and took the shortest road I could find. During this march from Gainesville to battle, when I received orders from General McDowell to march to Manassas. When my advanced guard arrived at Manassas it was reported that there was no enemy there, and that the had retreated toward Centreville. I therefore sent my aide-de-camp to General pope to get permit to march to New Market. He there directed me to march to Centreville.

On this march, and arriving near New Market, I met a detachment of the enemy, which I attacked immediately and advanced toward Groveton. During this engagement we heard firing on our left, which we supposed was coming from part of General McDowell's corps. It had become dark, and we encamped that night on the heights near Mrs. Henry's farm, near Groveton. On the morning of 29th I received direct orders from General Pope to attack the enemy, which I did about 6 o'clock in the morning. I did not know where General McDowell's corps was at that time or where any other troops were except those of the enemy. During the 29th and toward noon, when all the troops of my corps were engaged with the enemy, I received a dispatch from General Pope, saying that General McDowell and General Porter would attack the enemy's right flank and would come in on my left, and that we had probably to go back to Centreville that night to get provisions.

This is what I remember: I can probably find the original dispatch of General Pope in regard to this matter. I do not know whether any attack was made by General