War of the Rebellion: Serial 015 Page 0102 OPERATIONS IN N. VA., W. VA., AND MD. Chapter XVIV.

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sultation with General McDowell when General McClellan informed you, him, our any other corps commander of the amount and composition of the force which he intended to leave for the capital? If so, state the amount and composition of the force he intended so to leave.

Answer. I was present at a consultation of General McDowell, when General McClellan spoke to me, General McDowell, and other corps commanders of the force to be left behind for the defense of Washington, but I do not remember whether General McClellan proposed any definite amount or composition of the forces to be left.

Question by General MCDOWELL. Were you present at any other consultation with the corps commanders after the one you refer to at Fairfax Court-House, when General McClellan informed you or General McDowell of the amount and composition of the forces to be left behind?

Answer. I was present, I think, on a subsequent occasion, when General McClellan spoke of the force to be left behind; but I don't remember whether it was a consultation of all the corps commanders or not. The subject having been settled by the corps commanders, I allowed the matter to pass from my mind in subsequent discussion. General McDowell, it is my impression, was present on a subsequent occasion when that subject was mooted.

Question by General MCDOWELL. Can the witness recollect when this occurred?

Answer. I don't remember at this moment.

Question by General MCDOWELL. Does the witness remember what troops General McClellan designated at that time as those he intended should form the defense of Washington?

Answer. The witness desired time to refresh his memory ere he answered the question.

The court instructed the recorder to make a preliminary examination of such persons as may be represented to the court as knowing matter pertaining to the subjects under investigation by this court.

The court adjourned to meet to-morrow, December 12, 1862, at 11 a. m.



In laying before the court such official communications as have seemed to me to bear more especially on the matter in hand, I may have omitted some which if they were known to the court it might consider important. I therefore beg to say that I have here, for the inspection of the court, my order books, letter book, and books of telegrams received and sent; and if at any time the court should think any particular event or subject might or should be more fully given than I should present it, I beg the recorder may have leave to examines the books with reference to the same.





Washington, D. C., December 12, 1862.

The court met pursuant to adjournment. Present * * *

Major General ERASMUS D. KEYES, U. S. Volunteers, the witness under examination.

* * * * * *