War of the Rebellion: Serial 015 Page 0067 Chapter XXIV. GENERAL REPORTS.

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Question by the COURT. Did you talk with any officers belonging to the camp on that occasion?

Answer. I did.

Question by the COURT. Who were they?

Answer. I don't know the name of any person expect the person whose name I have given.

Question by the COURT. Can you state the rank of the officer or officers with whom you conversed?

Answer. I think they were both lieutenants.

Question by the COURT. Did you ask for their names?

Answer. I did not, sir; but I received the name of the captain who was arrested, or said to be arrested.

The presiding officer of the court read to the witness that part of his letter contained between the words "A negro servant" and "never brought to trial," inclusive, found on page 44 of this record.

Question by the COURT. Have you any personal knowledge of any of the facts contained in the paragraph just read to you?

Answer. The only knowledge I have of such facts are that they are verbatim as told me by this Smith and verified by those surrounding us.

Question by the COURT. Was this part of the information which you obtained on the occasion of your visit to Alexandria, July #, 1861?

Answer. Yes, sir.

Question by the COURT. Have you any personal knowledge of a unity in that camp?

Answer. I have heard it. As I understand mutiny, I would think insubordination was mutiny. Those parties told me that they were discouraged, and one or more emphatically damned if they would obey any more orders. They would not stand up to be shot at when they had not the opportunity of returning fire; stated that they believed General McDowell to be a rebel sympathizer. I begged them to keep cool and so on.

Question by the COURT. Is this your personal knowledge of a mutiny?

Answer. That is about all, sir. I was only in the camp about two hours.

Question by the COURT. These parties to whom you refer in your answer next preceding the last, were they the same from whom you received the complaints regarding food?

Answer. I don't know as any of them were present who complained of the food; they were those mostly confined in their tents sick whom I seen in reference to the food.

Question by the COURT. Will you give us a statement of persons who can testify from personal knowledge as to the facts et fort in the paragraph of your letter just read to you?

Answer. As I stated before, I was a stranger in that camp. The only name I put to paper was John A. Smith, as an informant. I should think you could get the captain's name-certainly the colonel's-the captain who was arrested.

The court here stated to the witness that if, pending the examination of this case, he can obtain any knowledge of the names of any witnesses whose testimony may be material on any of the points contained in his letter they would wish him to communicate them to the court.

Question by General McDOWELL. What is the position of the witness in the military service of the United States or of his own State?