War of the Rebellion: Serial 015 Page 0055 Chapter XXIV. GENERAL REPORTS.

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COURT-ROOM, Washington, D. C., December 1, 1862.

* * * * * *

Colonel EDMUND SCHRIVER, a witness, was recalled.

Question by General McDOWELL. Lay before the court your letter of June 4, 1862, to Brigadier-General Shields.

Answer. The letter is numbered 270, and is found on page 233 official letter-book, dated "Headquarters Department of the Rappahannock, Front Royal, Va., June 4, 1862," which the witness read, as follows:


Major General JAMES SHIELDS,

Commanding Division:

GENERAL: In transmitting the inclosed general order* I am directed by the major-general commanding to convey to you authority, while your division is acting at a distance from these headquarters, to take such supplies as the troops may need; but in doing so the regular receipts issued for the government of the supplying departments are to be strictly observed.

It is impossible to supply your command with forage, and you must rely upon grazing for the support of the animals.

The same freshest which is delaying your march has taken away both bridges in the Shenandoah, and those in rear of us are reported as going also. This may endanger our supplies. Subsistence for your army has been supplied here to your quartermaster for transportation.

Very respectfully, your obedient servant,


Colonel and Chief of Staff.

P. S.-There is no communication with Generals Fremont or Banks.

Question by General McDOWELL. Where was General Shields at the time this letter was written?

Answer. Near Luray and up the valley of the Shenandoah.

Question by General McDOWELL. Do you, or not, know if supplies for the army were not frequently and largely ordered to be taken from the inhabitants of the country in which we were operating?

Answer. I do.

Question by General McDOWELL. What knowledge have you that supplies have been ordered to be taken in large quantities from the inhabitants for the use of the army?

Answer. I have heard General McDowell give such orders repeatedly and I have given them myself in his name.

Question by the COURT. Was there any account kept at your headquarters of supplies drawn from the inhabitants of the country for the support of General McDowell's command? If you answer yes, where is that account?

Answer. I know that orders were given to chiefs of the supplying departments to keep such accounts, but I do not know that it was done regularly or that the accounts would show all the property that was seized under their direction. There were some accounts kept, but I do not know that they were kept regularly, for want of returns from the subordinates or from those who made the seizures.

Question by the COURT. What attention, if any, was given by General McDowell or any member of his staff under him to compel the re-


*Numbers 18, of June 3, p. 54.