War of the Rebellion: Serial 015 Page 0043 Chapter XXIV. GENERAL REPORTS.

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5th. Finally, I ask an investigation into the charge very generally made against me, and which affects seriously my character, to wit, that of drunkenness.

On this I wish the evidence of the following persons (those absent by deposition): Lieutenant General Scott, major-Generals Hunter, Pope, Wool, Sumner, Heintzelman, Keyes, Franklin, Hooker, Schuyler, Hamilton; Brigadier Gens. Lorenzo Thomas, Andrew Porter, King, Ricketts, Wadsworth, Martindale, Barry, Butterfield, Hancock, French, Brannan, Wood, (T. J.,) Augur, Patrick, Hartsuff, Gibbon, Morris (William); Colonel Delafield Engineers; Colonel Taylor, commissary-general; professors Mahan, Bartlett, and Church, Military Academy; Colonel Townsend, assistant adjutant-general; Lieutenant-Colonel Clitz, commanding cadets; Colonel Schriver, majors Shiras and J. c. Willard, Messrs. Goold, Hozt, and Herman Leroy and T. d'Orimieulx, New York City; Mr. Henry Burden, Troy, N. Y.; Mr. Gouverneur Kemble, Cold Spring, N. Y.; W. B. Cozzens, West Point; Mr. J. W. Andews and Judge Joseph Swan, Columbus, Ohio; Michael Sullivant, Illinois.

As far as possible I beg leave to suggest that it may be well to take up the subjects in chronological order.

If in the foregoing it shall appear I have omitted anything, I trust to the indulgence of the court to permit me to add whatever may be wanting.

Very respectfully,



The court was cleared.

The court was opened, when it was decided to adjourn until to-morrow, the 27th November, 1862, at 11 o'clock a. m.



November 27, 1862-11 a. m.

* * * * * * *

The court was cleared.

The court was opened, and its decision respecting a plan of investigation announced.

The court, having carefully considered the foregoing proposition of Major-General McDowell, decide to proceed tot he investigation in accordance with the following, making hereafter such modifications or amplifications as may be suggested by the course of the proceedings and be deemed necessary:

To examine and inquire into any and all accusations or imputations of treachery or disloyalty on the part of General McDowell, and to examine and inquire into his whole conduct as a general officer since August 24, 1861, being the date on which General McClellan assumed command of the Army of the Potomac.

For the convenience of the investigation the aforementioned time will be divided as follows, being the periods of time when General McDowell commanded:

1st. A division in the Army of the Potomac, under Major-General McClellan, from August 24, 1861, to March 13, 1862.

2nd. The First Army Corps, Army of the potomac, under Major-General McClellan, from March 13, 1862, to April 4, 1862.

3rd. The Department of the Rappahannock, under the orders of the President and the War Department, from April 4, 1862, to June 26, 1862.

4th. The Third Army Corps, Army of Virginia, under Major-General Pope, from June 26 to September 6, 1862.

With a view to a statement of facts and an expression of opinion the court will-

1st. Examine the correspondence of General McDowell with the enemy's commanders or with any one within the enemy's lines.