War of the Rebellion: Serial 014 Page 0650 THE PENINSULAR CAMPAIGN, VA. Chapter XXIII.

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Major General A. P. HILL'S DIVISION-Continued.

Fifth Brigade.

Brigadier General J. J. ARCHER.

5th Alabama Battalion, Captain Van de Graaff.

19th Georgia, Colonel W. W. Boyd.

1st Tennessee, Colonel P. Turney.

7th Tennessee, Colonel John F. Goodner.

14th Tennessee, Colonel W. A. Forbes.

Fredericksburg (Virginia) Artillery, Captain C. M. Braxton.

Sixth Brigade.

Brigadier General W. D. PENDER.

16th North Carolina, Lieutenant Colonel J. S. McElroy.

22nd North Carolina, Lieutenant Colonel R. H. Gray.

34th North Carolina, Major Eli H. Miller.

38th North Carolina, Major L. D. Andrews.

German (South Carolina) Artillery, Captain W. K. Bachman.

Brigadier General D. R. JONES' DIVISION.



Brigadier General R. TOOMBS.

2nd Georgia, Colonel E. M. Butt.

15th Georgia, Lieutenant Colonel W. T. Millican.

17th Georgia, Colonel H. L. Benning.

20th Georgia, Colonel J. B. Cumming.

Madison (Louisiana) Artillery, Captain G. V. Moody.



Colonel G. T. ANDERSON.

1st Georgia (Regulars), Colonel W. J. Magill.

7th Georgia, Colonel W. T. Wilson.

8th Georgia, Colonel L. M. Lamar.

9th Georgia, Colonel R. A. Turnipseed.

11th Georgia, Lieutenant Colonel William Luffman.

Brown's (Virginia) battery.

Hart's (South Carolina) battery.

Major General D. H. HILL'S DIVISION.

First Brigade.

Brigadier General R. E. RODES.

3rd Alabama, Lieutenant Colonel C. A. Battle.

5th Alabama, Colonel J. M. Hall.

6th Alabama, Colonel J. B. Gordon.

12th Alabama, Colonel B. B. Gayle.

26th Alabama, Colonel E. A. O'Neal.

Second Brigade.

Colonel A. H. COLQUITT.

13th Alabama, Colonel B. D. Fry.

6th Georgia, Colonel A. H. Colquitt.

23rd Georgia, Colonel William P. Barclay.

27th Georgia, Colonel Levi B. Smith.

28th Georgia, Colonel T. J. Warthen.

Third Brigade.

Brigadier General S. GARLAND, Jr.

5th North Carolina, Colonel D. K. McRae.

12th North Carolina, Lieutenant Colonel B. O. Wade.

13th North Carolina, Colonel A. M. Scales.

20th North Carolina, Colonel Alfred Iverson.

23rd North Carolina, Colonel D. H. Christie.

Fourth Brigade.

Brigadier General G. B. ANDERSON.

2nd North Carolina, Colonel C. C. Tew.

4th North Carolina, Lieutenant Colonel B. Grimes.

14th North Carolina, Colonel P. W. Roberts.

30th North Carolina, Colonel F. M. Parker.

Fifth Brigade.

Brigadier General R. S. RIPLEY.

4th Georgia, Colonel George Doles.

48th Georgia, Colonel William Gibson.

1st North Carolina, Colonel M. S. Stokes.

3rd North Carolina, Colonel G. Meares.

Sixth Brigade.

Brigadier General H. A. WISE.

4th Virginia Heavy Artillery, Colonel J. T. Goode.*

20th Virginia, Lieutenant Colonel N. Tyler.

26th Virginia, Colonel P. R. Page.*

46th Virginia, Colonel R. T. W. Duke.*

59th Virginia, Colonel C. F. Henningsen.


J. W. Bondurant's (Alabama) battery (6 pieces).

Thomas H. Carter's (Virginia) battery (5 pieces).

P. H. Clark's (Virginia) battery (4 pieces).

R. A. Hardaway's (Alabama) battery (5 pieces).

William Nelson's (Virginia) battery (6 pieces).

Jefferson Peyton's (Virginia) battery (4 pieces).

Rhett's (South Carolina) battery (4 pieces).


*These are the only complete regiments. (Note on original.)