War of the Rebellion: Serial 014 Page 0262 THE PENINSULAR CAMPAIGN, VA. Chapter XXIII.

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under my command constantly employed, except those undergoing repairs.




Norfolk, Va., June 26, 1862.

Major-General McCLELLAN:

Commander Rodgers is under orders from me to execute and exceedingly important and delicate duty, requiring his whole attention. He must therefore undervalue his services, or the object to be accomplished, if he thinks that he can, before that duty, is discharged, leave his station for a day or two without detriment. Before consenting to his proposition to visit you I must hear further from him.




Washington, June 26, 1862-9.27 p.m.


Commanding North Atlantic, Squadron:

General McClellan has forwarded the telegraphic correspondence between yourself and General Van Vliet, requesting that a convoy should be given certain transports. While the Department does not approve the tome and address of General Van Vliet's dispatch, it desires that you will not permit it to interfere with the public service, but that you will order a convoy for the transports to City Point, and that you will cordially co-operate with the army in its onward movement.

Very respectfully,


WHITE HOUSE, June 26, 1862-9 p.m.

(Received June 27-10.20 a.m.)

Brigadier General M. C. MEIGS,


In obedience to orders just received from Van Vliet, Quartermaster, Army of the Potomac, I send you the following list of vessels that were sent to Fredericksburg, by orders of Mr. Tucker, for transporting McCall's division:

Steamer Donaldson, carries 700 men, 8 horses; Thomas Jefferson, 700 men; Massachusetts, 650 men, 10 horses; Columbia, 750 men; John Brooks, 1,200 men, 30 horses; Canonicum, 800 men; Arrowsmith, 750 men; John Brooks, 1,200 men, 30 horses; Canonicum, 800 men; Arrowsmith, 750 men; Agnes (since burnt), 500 men, 4 horses; Hero, 900 men, 20 horses; Catskill, 800 men; North America, 100 men and 25 horses.

In addition to the above-named steamers eight schooners were sent, carrying 450 horses. There is now lying at this point subject to orders enough steamers to carry 3,000 men and schooners to carry 800 horses.

There has been recently sent a great many craft, both sail and steam, to Fort Monroe.

The following-named steamers are here in service of the Sanitary