War of the Rebellion: Serial 014 Page 0216 THE PENINSULAR CAMPAIGN, VA. Chapter XXIII.

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I appeal, then, to your experience, to your personal observation, to your high intelligence to put in practice on the battle-field the discipline you have acquired in camp. It will enable you to conquer with more certainly and less loss.

II. "Shoulder straps and chevrons!" you are marked men; you must be ever in the front.

Colonels and field officers! when it comes to the bayonet, lead the charge. At other times circulate among your men, and supervise and keep officers and men to their constituted commands; stimulate the laggard, brand the coward, direct the brave, prevent companies huddling up or mixing.

III. Marksmen! never in the fight cheapen your rifles. When you fire, make sure and hit. In wood and abatis one man in three is to fire; the others reserve their loads to repel an onset or to head a rush. It is with short rushes and this extra fire from time to time that such ground is gained; each man up in first line, none delaying; share danger alike, then the peril and loss will be small.

IV. Men! you brave individuals in the ranks, whose worth and daring, unknown perhaps to your superiors, but recognized by your comrades, influence more than others. I know that you exist; I have watched you in the fire; your merit is sure to have its recompense; your comrades at the bivouac will repeat your deeds, and it will gladden your families, and in the end will be brought before the country.

V. Color-bearers of regiments! bear them proudly in the fight, erect and defiantly, in the first line. It will cast terror into the opponents to see it sustained and carried forward. Let it be the beacon-light of each regiment. The noblest inscription on your banners are the traces of the balls.

VI. Again, noble division, I wish you success and new victories, until the cause of our sacred Union, being triumphant, you return honored to your homes.

By order of Brigadier-General Kearny:


Acting Assistant Adjutant-General.


Washington City, D. C., June 6, 1862.

Major-General McDOWELL:

The President directs that McCall's division be sent by water to Major-General McClellan immediately, and that you place such force at Fredericksburg by the time McCall leaves there as may, in your judgment, be necessary to hold that place.

In respect to the operations of the residue of your force the President reserves direction to be given as soon as determines. Transportation has been ordered up the Rappahannock from here and from Fort Monroe. Adjutant-General will issue the order.


Secretary of War.

WASHINGTON, June 6, 1862.

Major General I. McDOWELL,

Front Royal, Va.:

The Secretary of War directs that you immediately put General McCall's division in readiness to be moved to the command of Major-