War of the Rebellion: Serial 014 Page 0179 Chapter XXIII. CORRESPONDENCE, ETC.-UNION.

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and naval forces of enemy to within 8 miles of Richmond. We met vessels coming down from brisk naval engagement of Thursday. It lasted four hours. Monitor could not reach batteries 200 feet high. River obstructed with vessels sunk across channel, including the Jamestown and Yorktown. The Galena was struck twenty eight times, pierced eighteen times. Thirteen killed, 11 wounded. Lieutenant Morris, of the gunboat Port Royal, wounded, but not seriously. Lieutenant Morris, of the gunboat Port Royal, wounded, but not seriously. No other casualties. Lieutenant Jeffers and Commodore Smith report that a cooperating lang force will be needed to carry these batteries. The Naugatuck's big gun burst. Everybody says and everything indicates the retirement of the enemy from all country between Richmond and the ocean. Can you send a force to co-operate with Commodore Smith on this river? It would give us Richmond without delay. Commodore Goldsborough orders renewal of the naval fight, and will re-enforce as fast as possible. We return to-morrow.


NEWPORT NEWS, May 18, 1862.

G. V. FOX,

Assistant Secretary of the Navy:

The Secretary of the Navy directs me to inform you that we came up to Day's Point yesterday morning to shell fortifications. Found carefully constructed earthworks, mounting twelve heavy guns, hastily abandoned on Wednesday. Guns splendid, and works partially destroyed. Secession flag left flying. Marines landed, tore it down; raised Stars and Stripes. A few miles above met Port Royal an Naugatuck. Reports severe engagement Thursday morning 8 miles from Richmond. Fleet turned last bend; found river obstructed by two rows of sunken vessels, among which were Jamestown and Yorktown; also by spiles and chains, and directly facing river on bluff, 200 feet high, a battery, with two rows of heavy guns. River shore lined with rifle pits, concealed in woods. Fight lasted four hours. Galena struck twenty-eight times and perforated eighteen times by plunging shot; one hole about 2 feet long. One shot passed through one side and nearly through iron on the other. Had 13 men killed and 11 wounded. Fought at 600 to 1,000 yards. Monitor went ahead, but could not elevate guns enough, and fell back to the Galena. Was struck three times and uninjured. Lieutenant Morris, of Port Royal, wounded by Minie ball in leg. Two men wounded on Naugatuck. Her large gun burst. Vessels returned to City Point on account of batteries on high bluff protecting obstructions. Vessels can go no farther up and cannot take battery. River clear to point of fight. Went up to Jamestown last night to look after matters. Reach Washington to-morrow.


Clerk, N. D.

McCLELLAN'S, May 18, 1862.

(Received 8.30 p. m.)

Honorable E. M. STANTON:

I regret to learn that you are ill. Weather now very warm. My pickets within a mile of Bottom's Bridge, and as close to the railway bridge of the Chickahominy. Scouts have been within a quarter of a