War of the Rebellion: Serial 014 Page 0172 THE PENINSULAR CAMPAIGN, VA. Chapter XXIII.

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Hampton Roads, May 14, 1862.


Secretary of the Navy:

SIR: I have dates from Commander Rodgers of the 12th instant. The Monitor and Stevens had joined him where he was lying off James Island, and he was to move up the river that evening until joined by the Monitor and Stevens. He was, as he says, unable to resist the five gunboats of the enemy above him, because the Galena would inevitably be grounded in passing the bar, and thus leave only the Aroostook and Port Royal to assist them. Notwithstanding my orders to Lieutenant-Commander Jeffers to reduce all of the enemy's works on the James River as he went along, spike their guns, and blow up their magazines, and thus leave the river entirely open, so that not carried them out, and I now am informed that two of their works on the river bank of James River and at Rock Wharf Landing, and the other at Harden's or Mother Line's Bluff, both between here and our vessel up the James River, must in effect be taken before the river can be navigated by our supply vessels. My present intention is to send the Susquehanna and Dacotah up the river for the purpose of taking those works, which, as Rodgers informs me, although strong in guns, are probably weak in men. I have put 200-pounder Parrott's on board the Susquehanna, and the Dacotah came here provided with one. The Seminole I shall retain at Norfolk, and perhaps the San Jacinto besides; but if I do have to send the San Jacinto with the Susquehanna and Dacotah, then I shall have to move this ship up to Norfolk, and then leave nothing in these Roads for the time being. Before sending off this expedition I hope to hear from Rodgers again, to whom I have written by mail of to-day. If he succeeds in getting to Richmond there may be no necessity for it.





No. 147. Camp near Cumberland, May 14, 1862.

* * * * * * * * *

IV. Order of march for to-morrow:

General Headquarters will move at - a. m., and be established at the White House.

Franklin's division will move at 4 a. m., followed by Porter's division and the Infantry Reserve. The latter will be followed by the Artillery Reserve.

All the above troops will encamp at the White House.

Woodbury's Engineer Brigade: The men and wagons will march to the White House, to which place the materials of the engineer train will be sent by water.

Duane's battalion of Regular Engineers, and the pontoon train under his charge, will proceed to the White House this afternoon.

The Cavalry Reserve will move at 10 a. m. to the White House.

Brigadier-General Humphreys will designate an officer to act as a guide to this column.

The Second Corps Sumner's (except the Eighth Illinois Cavalry, on detached service), will be concentrated at Cumberland.