War of the Rebellion: Serial 013 Page 0991 Chapter XXIII. SEVEN-DAYS' BATTLES.

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3rd Infantry.-Captain James T. Gwaltney, Lieutenant Fred. Martin, killed June 30.

4th Infantry.-Lieutenant Robert C. Taylor, killed July 1; Asst. Surg. Joseph Crockett, died of wounds received June 27.

5th Infantry.-Captain William H. Randolph, killed June 27; Captain Louis J. Fletcher, died of wounds received July 1.

6th Infantry.-Lieutenant William T. Eley, died of wounds received June 30; Lieuts. George H. Stewart and David C. Watters, killed July 1.

7th Infantry.-Captain Joel Blackard, Lieutenant W. W. Gooding, killed June 30.

8th Infantry.-Lieuts. Edward L. Fant, jr., Richard O. Grayson, killed June 27; Lieutenant William H. Davis, killed June 30.

9th Infantry.-Captain Dennis Vermillion, Lieutenant Cornelius M. Dozier, killed July 1.

11th Infantry.-Lieuts. Walter R. Abbott, Edward T. Dix, killed June 30.

13th Infantry.-Capts. C. G. Cooke and William H. Sherer, Lieuts. H. Grubb, Robt. B. Streit, and F. D. Sherrard, killed June 27.

14th Infantry.-Captain Charles Bruce, killed July 1.

15th Infantry.-Major John S. Walker, killed July 1.

17th Infantry.-Lieuts. George C. Adie, J. N. Hulfish, George T. Lambden, killed June 30.

18th Infantry.-Lieuts. A. C. Carrington, John S. Wooding, killed June 30; Captain Matthew Lyle, killed June 27.

19th Infantry.-Lieutenant James L. Daniel, killed June 30.

24th Infantry.-Lieutenant Harvey M. Calfee, killed June 30.

25th Infantry.-Lieutenant William Gregg, killed June 27.

28th Infantry.-Lieuts. James D. Fink, James H. Reynolds, killed June 27.

31st Infantry.-Lieuts. Isaac N. Reger and Michael M. Rider, killed June 27.

37th Infantry.-Colonel S. V. Fulkerson, died of wounds received June 27.

38th Infantry.-Lieutenant Napoleon D. Price, died of wounds received July 1.

41st Infantry.-Lieutenant William J. Haslett, killed June 30; Lieuts. A. P. Smith, Euclid T. Morrison, killed July 1; Lieutenant Nathaniel Jones, died of wounds received July 1.

53rd Infantry.-Lieutenant J. Newton Brown, died July 13 of wounds.

56th Infantry.-Lieutenant Joseph F. Bibb, killed June 27.

57th Infantry.-Lieutenant Thomas J. Martin, killed July 1.

58th Infantry.-Lieutenant Griffin Bush, killed June 27; Lieutenant D. W. Rice, killed July 1.

60th Infantry.-Captain S. H. Tompkins, killed June 26; Lieutenant Samuel Lilly, killed June 26.


5th Infantry.-Captain William Evans, died of wounds received June 27.