War of the Rebellion: Serial 013 Page 0989 Chapter XXIII. SEVEN-DAYS' BATTLES.

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1st Light Artillery, Battery A.-Captain Hezekiah Easton, killed June 27. Battery B.-Lieuts. Thomas Cadwallader and Henry T. Danforth, killed June 30.

1st Reserves.-Captain J. Finley Bailey, killed June 30; Lieutenant Joseph Stuart, killed June 27; Captain George H. Hess, died of wounds received June 30.

2nd Reserves.-Lieutenant J. Baxter Fletcher, died of wounds received June 30; Lieutenant James B. Nightingale, killed June 30.

5th Reserves.-Colonel Seneca G. Simmons, Captain James Faggert, killed June 30; Captain Robert W. Sturrock, killed June 27; Lieutenant D. Hays McMicken, died of wounds received June 27.

9th Reserves.-Lieutenant James P. Beattie, killed June 30.

10th Reserves.-Captain Samuel Miller, died of wounds received June 30; Lieutenant Oswald H. Gaither, killed June 30.

11th Reserves.-Captain Andrew Lewis and Lieutenant Newton Redic, killed June 27.

12th Reserves.-Lieutenant William W. Arnold, killed June 30.

13th Reserves.-Captain Philip Holland, killed June 30.

57th Infantry.-Lieutenant Charles O. Etz, killed July 1.

61st Infantry.-Lieutenant Charles O. Rhodes, died of wounds received July 1.

62nd Infantry.-Colonel Samuel W. Black, killed June 27; Lieutenant John D. Elder, killed July 1; Captain Thomas Espy, died of wounds received June 27.

63rd Infantry.-Lieutenant S. Hays Cochran, killed June 25.

71st Infantry.-Lieutenant George W. Kenny, killed June 30.

72nd Infantry.-Captain Charles McGonigle, killed June 29; Lieutenant De Benneville B. Shewell, died of wounds received June 29.

81st Infantry.-Lieutenant Colonel Eli T. Connor, Lieutenant H. J. Abbott, killed July 1.

82nd Infantry.-Lieuts. James B. Grier and Mark H. Roberts, killed July 1.

83rd Infantry.-Colonel John W. McLane and Major Louis H. Naghel, killed June 27.

95th Infantry.-Colonel John M. Gosline, Major William B. Hubbs, and Lieutenant Hamilton Donohue, killed June 27.

96th Infantry.-Lieutenant Ernest T. Ellrich, killed June 27.

98th Infantry.-Captain William Sehr and Lieutenant Christian A. Gallus, killed July 1.

102nd Infantry.-Major John Poland and Lieutenant Thomas Mooney, killed July 1.


Palmetto Sharpshooters.-Major William Anderson, Captain John M. Martin, Lieuts. Dwight W. Harrington and Luther Bonner, died of wounds received June 30; Lieuts. J. N. Hawthorne, John T. Kitchens, J. Dozier Lee, and A. M. Scruggs, killed June 30.

1st Rifles.-Capts. R. A. Hawthorne, James H. Hennegan, Lieuts. Samuel R. McFall, J. Graham Brown, killed June 27.

2nd Rifles.-Lieutenant John M. Cox, killed June 30.

2nd Infantry.-Lieutenant J. F. Perry, killed June 29; Lieutenant T. Sumter Brownfield, died of wounds received July 1.

3rd Infantry.-Colonel B. C. Garlington, killed June 29.

4th Infantry.-Captain M. M. Cunningham, Lieuts. J. F. Rosamond, and S. P. Haynie, died of wounds received June 30.