War of the Rebellion: Serial 013 Page 0656 THE PENINSULAR CAMPAIGN, VA. Chapter XXIII.

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Numbers 269. Report of Lieutenant Colonel John B. Estes,

Forty-fourth Georgia Infantry, of the battles of Ellison's Mill, or Mechanicsville, and Malvern Hill.


SIR: I have the honor, after long delay, of forwarding to you my report of that part of the great battle before Richmond in which the Forty-fourth Regiment Georgia Volunteers, Colonel R. A. Smith commanding, participated. The report is necessarily meager and imperfect from the fact that every field officer was either killed or wounded, the greater part of both officers and men was disabled, and the engagement continued for about a week and extended over a distance of some 20 miles at least.

Many of those (both officers and men) reported wounded have since died, including our gallant, noble-hearted colonel. Many more must surely die, their wounds being considered mortal by the surgeons in charge of them.

I have no doubt but that the killed in battle and those who have died and will die from its effects will amount in the aggregate to near 200. Many others will be disabled for life, having had limbs amputated or terribly shattered.

I leave the conduct and bearing of my men to the comments, criticisms, encomiums, or censure of those whose duty it is to report them, believing that gallant commanders and an unprejudiced, grateful country will do justice to the many brave men who sacrificed their lives upon the altar of their country in this our bloodiest struggle.

Casualties in the Forty-fourth Regiment Georgia Volunteers in the great battle before Richmond:

Carried into battle of Ellison's Mill, June 26, 27 officers, 39 non-commissioned officers, and 448 privates; total, 514. One company, consisting of 56 men and officers, was detailed as skirmishers and was not engaged in the action.

Killed. Wounded.

Officers. 2 12

Non-commissioned officers. 1 23

Privates. 68 227

Total. 71 262

Two privates found since surgeon's report wounded. Total killed and wounded, 335; total escaped from battle unhurt, 179.

Carried into battle of Malvern Hill, July 1, 11 officers, 11 non-commissioned officers, and 120 privates; total, 142.

Killed. Wounded. Missing.

Officers. 1 4


Non-commissioned 2 1



Privates. 6 35 16

Total. 9 40 16





Total escaped unhurt.