War of the Rebellion: Serial 012 Page 1075 APPENDIX Chapter XXIII.

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APPENDIX. Names of Officers Killed or who Died of Wounds, not mentioned in the formal Reports.* ENGAGEMENT AT LEES MILL, VA., APRIL 16. VERMONT: 6th Infantry.Lieuts. Charles F. Bailey and Alfred N. Kevins, died of wounds. SIEGE OF YORKTOWN, VA. MICHIGAN: 4th Infantry.Capt. Abram R. Wood, killed April 18, while on picket duty. BATTLE OF WILLIAMSBURG, VA., MAY 6. Mississippi: 2d Infantry.Lieut. D. H. Miller, killed. NEW JERSEY: 5th Infantry.Lieuts. William C. Berry and De Klyn Lalor, killed; Lieut. Simon P. Whitty, died of wounds. 6th Infantry.Lieut. Col. John P. Van Leer and Lient. Aaron Wilks, killed. 7th Infantry.Lieut. Joseph H. Johnson, killed; Lieut. John J. Fritschy, Jr., died of wounds. 8th Infantry.Maj. Peter M. Ryerson and Lient. Andrew F. Fuller, killed; Lient. James Long, died of wounds. NEW YORK: 33d Infantry.Lieut. George W. Brown, died of wounds. 38th Infantry.Capt. Samuel C. Dwyer, died of wounds. 70th Infantry.Capts. Jacob Brunn, John Mitchell, and Henry B. OReilly, and Lients. Herrick Hagner and William W. Kilburn, killed. 72d Infantry.Capt. Darwin Willard, killed; Capts. Patrick Bar- rett and George Grecheneck, died of wound8. NORTH CAROLINA: 5th Infantry.Capt. Henry Mullins, Lients. William S. Boswell, Joseph S. Hays, John P. Clark, and Thomas W. Snow, killed. * List of Confederates incomplete. (1075)