War of the Rebellion: Serial 012 Page 1072 THE PENINSULAR CAMPAIGN; VA. Chapter XXIII.

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HEADQUARTERS GENERAL CASEYS DIVISION, Poplar Hill, June 23, 18622 p. m. CAPTAIN: Immediately upon receipt of the telegram from the major- general commanding, ordering a cavalry reconnaissance down the Chickahominy, a company properly instructed were sent out by me in the direction of Long Bridge and are now absent. Small parties were dispatched this morning at an early hour upon the roads to my left. One of them, under charge of Captain Keenan, accompanied by Lieutenant West, of my staff, has just returned. They proceeded a distance of about 2 miles on the Charles City road in a westerly direction, then, turning to the left, followed the Quaker road, so called, a distance of about 6 miles, to within sight of James River, Nothing unusual was detected. Captain Smyth, in charge of another party, fell in with the enemys mounted pickets about 8 oclock this morning on a road running par- allel with James River, and was fired upon. This point is a regular picket post of the enemy, who seems to have men there to observe and report the movements of our gunboats. I will take the liberty to re- mark that in my opinion it is a dereliction of duty on the part of the gunboats to permit the enemys pickets to skirt the shores of the river and his forces to lie quietly encamped within range of their guns. I am about sending a detachment under Captain Keenan, in whose prudence and energy I place confidence, directly across the country to the river. He will soon be able to ascertain whether a force has passed or is passing. I remain, very respectfully, your obedient servant, SILAS CASEY, Brigadier- General Volunteers, Commanding Division. Capt. C. C. SUYDAM, Assistant Adjutant-General. JUNE 23, 1862.Operations around New Kent Court-House, Va. Report of Capt. Robert B. Ward, Eleventh Pennsylvania Cavalry. Ci1~izP, CUMBERLAND, VA., June 24, 1862. SIR: I have the honor to report the results of my pickets and patrols on the 23d instant. I had pickets posted on all the roads approaching the landing. I ordered out Lieutenant Nimmon with 1() men to pro- ceed to scout as far as Charles City via New Kent Court-House, and Lieutenant Aughenbaugh with 10 men to patrol as far as Baltimore Cross-Roads. I directed Lieutenant INimmon to arrest Richard Cook and send him to this place under guard. In obedience to my order Richard Cook was arrested and sent in~ Ii~rncdi2tz~y~zj~ Corporal Cook with him to White House tofeport to you in person. Lieutenant Aughenbaugh returned ~t 7 eci~!~ ~ .~ A ~tL~ll~ F y~J qme in th~ Airection of Baltimore Cross-Roads. Lieutenant Nimmon has not returned yet. I am at a loss to conjecture what has detained him. His instructions were to return last evening. I was informed by a small boy who has been living with Mr. Toler, but at this time em- ployed by a sutler, that Mr. Tolers daughter, a young lady, was corre