War of the Rebellion: Serial 012 Page 1067 SKIRMISH ON CHARLES CITY ROAD. Chapter XXIII.

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it is reported to me,was in position to the right of our right flank, and rather in front of the~ position occupied by our ordnance train (in an open field) the night we encamped in that neighborhood on our retreat fiorn Richmond, and its range was diagonally across our line of skirmishers. The other battery was in position immediately on the road and on the same side with my regiment, and its fire was in an almost l)erpendicular line to our line of battle. The fire of this battery was doubtless aimed at the skirmishers in the wood, but its shot and shell ranged over them and struck and burst immediately in front, in iear, and in the midst of the remaining eight companies of my regiment. I have no hesitation iu saying this fire was much the severest one the Third Regiment has ever been subjected to. Considering that the severest trial of a soldier on the battle-field is to be fired at without the ability to return it, ave great reason I a I h , m pleased to say, to be sat istied and gratified with the coimduct of my command. The casualties from this fire were as follows: * * * * * * * * This fire became so hot we were ordered to move by the right flank across the open field into the pines on the right. This we did, and there remained nntil we were ordered to return to our camp by General Kershaw. Major Rutherford called in his skirmishers and fell into line as we took up the march on our return to camp. He had pre- viously reported to General Kershaw the result of his observations, and only withdrew his skirmishers from the wood into the field behimid when he no longer saw the enemy and was fired into with grape, can- ister, and shell. It was impossible to form anything like an accnrate view of the enemys force or position, the level couutry and thick wood and under- brush excluding them almost entirely from our view. I judge, how- ever, they were in considerable force.. I have no knowledge of any batteries of theirs except the two previously mentioned. As my regiment went out on picket this morning I could not have the reports of commanders corrected and revised as to the number of men carried into action, but as they now stand I carried 302 men, rank and file, into the action, besides a full field, an adjutant, and sergeant- major. It should be stated that the skirmishers did not fire over two rounds, aimd the other companies, not seeing any enemy, did not discharge their pieces at all. I will repeat that I have reason to be pleased with the conduct and bearing of my command, with that of officers and men alike. Your obedient servant, JAMES D. NANCE, Golonel Third AS~OUth Garolina Regiment. Capt. C. R. HOLMES, Assistant Adjutant-General. JU1~E 19, 1862.Skirmish on the Charles City Road, near Richmond, Va. Report of Got. William Ii. Brown, Twentieth indiana Infantry. CAMP LINCOLN, VA., June 19, 1862. SIR: This morning, at 4.30 oclock, the left of my line of pickets was attacked by a force of rebel infantry and cavalry, numbering probably * See juclosure to Kershaws report.