War of the Rebellion: Serial 012 Page 1043 STUARTS RAID. Chapter XXIII.

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Constituted my command and a part of General J. E. B. Stuarts, per- forming the entire circuit of the enemys army, on the 12th [13th], 13th [14th], and 14th [15th] of the present month. 1)uring the trip my command captured 62 horses, 7 mules, and assisted in securing 100 others, 39 cavalry saddles, 40 pistols, bridles, aiid quantities of minor stores; destroyed and assisted in destroying a large number of wagons and commissary and quartermasters property of all kindsone company alone destroying 800 bushels of corn and oats, 5,000 pounds of long forage, 4,000 pounds [ofi bacon, 15 gallons [of] whisky, 200 pounds [ofJ sugar, 50 pouiids [of] coffee, and 50 l)ounds of rice; charged and drove from their camp (I am happy to say) a l)art of my old regiment of cavalry, and burned all their tents, baggage, and stores of every description; captured a large number of prisonersone company alone capturing 28, besides killing some of the enemy. And in this connection I would call the attention of the general coni- muanding to Private Thomas P. Clapp, of Captaimi Litchfields company (D), who, riding up to a Federal officer who was in advance of his men, engaged him in personal combat and killed him after being wounded himself; a deed well worthy of emulation. I have no one killed; 1 wounded, 1 missing. I cannot conclude this brief report without certifying to the highly Creditable manner in which both officers and men bore the danger and fatigue of a trip which has yet to be excelleda noble band of circuit- riders. Very respectfully, your obedient servant, FITZ. LEE, Colonel, First Virginia Cavalry, Commanding. ACTING ASSISTANT ADJUTANT-GENERAL, Cavalry Brigade. No. 23. Report of Col. W. Iii. F. Lee, Ninth Virginia Cavalry. IIDQRS. NINTH REGIMENT VIRGINIA CAVALRY, Camp Lee, Va., June 17, 1862. GENERAL: I have the honor to forward a report of the part taken by my regiment in the late reconnaissance around the enemys lines made by the cavalry brigade under your command on the 13th, 14th, an(l 15th instant: [The] Second Squadron, Captain Swann commanding, made the first charge ucar Hawes Shop, completely routing the enemy and pursuing him about a mile. The second charge was made by the Fifth Squadron, Captain Latane commanding, about a mile from Old Church (ilammover), up a hill, through a narrow road, with thick woods on both sides. The enemy here was strongly posted, his force consisting of two squadrons. It was here that Captaimi Latane was killed while gallantly leading his squadron, charging some 30 yards ahead of it. It was here that they had a hand-to-hand conflict, and my officers and men behaved with the greatest daring and bravery. In this encounter my loss consisted of Captain Latane, killed, and Privates Brent, F. S. Herring, R. Herring, II. F. Coleman, Company E, woun4ed.