War of the Rebellion: Serial 012 Page 1009 STUARTS RAID. Chapter XXIII.

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forces in the afternoon with the cavalry; the escape of the enemy be- yond the Chickahominy, announced at that moment, were all reported at their occurrence. The heat was excessive, but the troops all bore it, together with the entire absence of baggage, very scant food, and night marching, with praiseworthy indifference and alacrity. I will observe that this is the second pressing occasion in which Brigadier-General Emory has been taken away from his brigade. My command all marched back this morning, the cavalry to Gaines Mill, where I had ordered the baggage train to meet me, but found it had been ordered back to this old camp by General Porter; and from here I am instructed to move toward Old Church. Whenever a thousand or two of cavalry under a bold leader has it in its power to get in rear of the army, to make a dash on its communica- tions and depots, if it follow on the heels of the pickets into a camp of equal force, whether of light cavalry or cavalry reserve, it may chance to destroy it; and in this connection I would suggest a necessary pre- caution of safety on the flanks or rear of the army; that the inhabitants should be confined or restricted to their homesteads. Very respectfully, your obedient servant, P. ST. GEG. COOKE, Bri~yadier-General, U. S. Army. P. S.J am unable to forward a report of the scout ordered to Han- over Court-House, & c., on the 12th, in consequence of the absence of its commander, Captain Gregg, Sixth Cavalry, who I learn returned, and has been ordered somewhere. I have not yet received a report from Captain Royall, who is badly wounded. Respectfully, P. ST. GEO. COOKE, Brigadier-General. Brig. Gen. R. B. MARCY, Chief of Staff. HEADQUARTERS CAVALRY RESERVE, June 16, 18621.30 p. m. SIR: I have just received the reports of the officers connected with the attack on Captain Royall. My present duties make it impossible to connect them in a narrative report of mine at present, as your com- inunication requires, so I herewith inclose them. I only add that Cap- tain Royalls instructions were the original ones from the Headquarters of the Army. I will make the report of the march to Captain Royalls relief and the pursuit of the enemy as soon as I have time. Every moment of this day has been occupied by more pressing daties. Very respectfully, your obedient servant, P. ST. GEO. COOKE, Brigadier- General, U. S. Army. Capt. FRED. T. LOCKE Asst. Adjt. Gen., Fifth Provisional Army Corps. HEADQUARTERS CAVALRY RESERVE, Camp near New Bridge, June 17, 1862. SIR: I report my operations on the 13th and 14th instant: Captain Royall, Fifth Cavalry, was ordered, with two squadrons, to Old Church, May 31, to remain until relieved, under instructions of 64 R RVOL XI