War of the Rebellion: Serial 012 Page 0985 BATTLE OF FAIR OAKS, OR SEVEN PINES. Chapter XXIII.

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woods near a given point. Just before this point was reachedk the order was given to form column by companies and then forward into line of battle. And though this movement was executed in double-quick time, before it was executed we received a heavy cross-fire from the right and left, which was immediately returned. Seeing no enemy, and having received no other order than the one above recited, I ordered the men to lie down. Discovering troops coming toward our right wing with white bands on their hats, [I] ordered mine not to fire; that they were friends; but the fire continuing [ed] down the whole line, yet too high to do much injury. Some one, without authority, in the right wing gave the command to retreat, which was passed down the whole line by the captains, and the men fell back in great disorder inio the field on which they had just emerged, reformed, and, with every company in proper position in line of battle, double-quicked it back into the woods, and shortly after crossing the road came up with the Forty-first Virginia Regiment, marching directly toward us. From this direction we received a constant fire, which we returned until some of our officers, recognizing some of the officers of the Forty-first Virginia Regiment (Maj G. M. Waddill, who was upon the left wing, while I was at that time upon the right), commanded them to march in retreat. At this time my horse was killed, and not hearing the command nor knowing the cause, attempted to rally the men, when the officers and men, while retiring in good orderthat friends and enemies were so indiscriminately mixed up together that it was most advisable to return to the open field. We returned slowly to the field, apprehending more danger trom friends than the enemy. We again reformed and reported for duty to Major-General Hill. I was then ordered to report to Gen- eral Pickett at the lower end of the field, and upon reaching l~iis bri- gade, posted on the left, was, at the suggestion of General Mahone, assigned to his right, with instructions to prevent the enemy from flanking the battery on his right; and while moving from the right of General Mahones brigade to the position on the right of the battery received the fire of the enemy. Left in this position some time after the two brigades and battery had retired, I followed on and joined General Armisteads brigade, which we met with for the first time during the day, placed on the outer post nearest the enemy. I congratulate myself upon being able to report the casualties as small, to wit: - - in------ -__- Killed. Wounded. Missing. Conipanie8. - o . . 0 0 n Q o 5 n o o ~ 0 ~ 0 ~ E4 A 1 1 2 --.- C. ----.. 1..... 2 1 4 . 2 2 1 i F.,. 1 1 i 1 . 1 1 I. 2 1 3 ...~ 1 6 7 Total. ...... 1 3 15 3 22 * On detached service at City Point.