War of the Rebellion: Serial 012 Page 0959 BATTLE OF FAIR OAKS, OR SEVEN PiNES.XXIII.

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new and exposed position, as was supposed, where it remained until we fell back early on the 2d instant. I have said, colonel, but little of my neighbors in the field, and what little I have said may be unjust, for, ordered to move to the front, and having confidence that my sul)eriors under any new and unexl)ected combinations would see that all was well, my attention was strictly confined to the (luties of my own coniInaIi(l, bitt there was an incident I will mention. In pressing through the abatis I crossed a battle-flag lying in the bush. T took it to be my own. I called to some one to take it, but in the din of the battle an(l the excitement of the forward movement I was unheard. Ih(ldmg my adjutant, who was near by, to hand it to me, I seized and bore it until my dear colonel, your kind and thoughtful consideration transmitted me an order through Captain Foot to give up the flag. At the time a youthful stranger was hard by, probably not twenty years 01(1, and heard the message (lelivered. tie stepped promptly up, state(i that he belonged to the Second Florida, had lost his regiment, and would like to join mie for the fight, and with my permission would gladly bear the flag, and, if need be, plant it. in the cannons mouth. Without a ~vord I hand it to him, and nobly did he bear it.; and, curiously enough, it turne(1 out to be the flag of his own regiment, and how it reached the spot where I foliIi(i it is still vailed iii mystery, and l)rubably will ever remain so. I have said that we cut in the battle with about 390 raiik and file. I will now add that I had 29 company officers and 5 field and staft ofli- ccis also. Of this number I received fiom a Minie ball a severe con- tusion of the thigh ; Lient. Col. J. C. Gibson received a very severe contusion of the side aiid quite a severe flesh wound on the left forearm. Of the comnpam my officers 3 captains were ~vonn(ledCaptai it Ilorslev 51t1)1)osed mortally, and not heard fromim since the battle; Captain Jacobs slightly, and Captain iRandolpli in the arm severely. Of the hientemi- nuts 6 were woumuded and I killed, to wit: First Licut. James M. Ander- son, comuliIalm(hiutg Company A ; First Lient. James C. Cabell, Company C~ Second Lient. li. K. Christian, Commupany B; Second Lient. I~. M. Spicer, Company D ; Third Lient. William W. Larkimi, Company F Third Lient. li. S. Cabell, Company K, and Samuel A. ilihl, first lieu- tenant. Company K, killed. The color-sergeants and color guard comisisted of Sergeants Curray an(l Spencer aii(l Corporals Sutphin, Stone, Je~vell, and Maddox, who behaved with distimiguished gallantry, and all of whom weme either killed or wounde(l. Corporal Jewell xvas killed in line; Sergeaiit Cur- ray, it is feared, is utortally wounded, while the others were all more or less severely woumuded; notwithstandimmg all which they nobly bore the flag forward throughout time (lay, muever recedimug for a moment until ordered to fall back about 5 p. iii. Of the tank and file 32 were killed, 158 wounded, and 22 missing. RECAPITULATiON. At the opening of time fight my reginment iii ramik and file consisted of Men 390 Corupaiiy officcis ~. 29 Field officers, comruissioucd and mmon-comrnis~jonel ... 4,. .,, . -. . - ~. ~. 5 424