War of the Rebellion: Serial 012 Page 0942 THE PENINSULAR CAMPAIGN, VA. Chapter XXIII.

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RICHMOND, VA., August 10, 1862.

I received this day the within report. I applied for it on July 26, but could not obtain it till this date. It is respectfully returned, with my objections to its being received as the proper report of that battle:

1st. General Longstreet was not the senior officer present. We met on duty, and I inquired of him if he knew which was the senior, as I did not. He replied that he was. I told him if he knew it that was sufficient. But General Longstreet was mistaken, and the statement that he was the senior was the senior was erroneous. I was the senior.

2nd. The whole of the remarks of the delay of my division are erroneous. There was a delay owing to the sudden rising of the stream on which the troops were encamped. General Longstreet's division got the road at the crossing first and my troops had to wait until they had passed. The delay after that was the time necessary to cross. I regretted the delay as much as any one and did all in my power to expedite the movement.

3rd. His statement, "I have reason to believe that the affair would have been a complete success had the troops upon the right been put in position within eight hours of the proper time," is a gross error. If the proper time was 4 a. m. the troops were eight hours late, but under the circumstances that was impossible. The "proper time," there might have been some delay that greater exertion or better management would have avoided, but none other.

4th. I have applied to General Longstreet to correct the errors he has made, and desire he may have time to do so.



List of killed, wounded, and missing [in General Longstreet's command] May 31 and June 1, 1862.

Officers. Enlisted Aggregate.


Killed 61 755 816

Wounded 209 3,530 3,739

Missing 3 293 296

Total 273 4,578 4,851


June 11, 1862.

Respectfully submitted.


Major-General, Commanding.


Assistant Adjutant-General.