War of the Rebellion: Serial 012 Page 0841 Chapter XXIII. BATTLE OF FAIR OAKS, OR SEVEN PINES.

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Total officers killed and wounded, 5.

Enlisted men killed, 17; wounded, 57, missing, 23.

Total loss, 102.*

This brigade again on the following day, having been kept out in advance of the division camp, performed under Colonel J. H. Hobart Ward a brilliant charge. I refer you to Colonel Ward's report. The loss of the brigade has been:

The Thirty-eighth New York Volunteers lost:

Officer wounded-Lieutenant F. Walker.

Enlisted men killed, 6; wounded, 20; missing, 8.

Total loss, 35.*

Fortieth New York Volunteers lost:

Officers wounded-First Lieutenant Lewis Fitzgerald, Second Lieutenant Charles H. Gesner.

Enlisted men killed, 10; wounded, 51; missing 2; prisoners, 2.

Total loss, 67.*

Third Maine Volunteers lost:

Officers wounded-Captain Lakeman, Company I; Captain Richmond, Company K; Lieutenant A. S. Merrill, Company D; Lieutenant Haskell, Company K.

Enlisted men killed, 8; wounded, 65.

Total loss, 77.*

Fourth Maine Volunteers lost:

Enlisted men killed, 2; wounded, 8; missing, 1.

Total loss, 11.

The Second Michigan Volunteers, Colonel Poe, and two companies of the Sixty-third Pennsylvania Volunteers, having been on distant pickets, were late to join in the battle, but arrived most opportunely to resist the advanced pursuers of the enemy near our intrenched camps and aided in giving me time to organize its defenses.

The Second Michigan lost:

Officers wounded-Lieutenant Colonel A. W. Williams, Captain William L. Whipple.

Enlisted men killed, 10; wounded, 42; missing 1.

Total loss, 55.*

The Eighty-seventh New York Volunteers was detached with General Peck. I refer you to him for favorable notice. Its loss was:

Officers wounded-Colonel S. A. Dodge; Captain T. Y. Baker, Company C; Second Lieutenant D. O. Beckwith, Company K; First Lieutenant D. A. Flandreau, Company A; First Lieutenant David C. Cloyd, Company C; Second Lieutenant H. C. Selvage, Company A.

Enlisted men killed, 9; wounded, 62; missing, 4.

Total loss, 81.*

It is perhaps within the limits of my report to mention General Peck, most distinguished,and wounded in Mexico. On the discomfiture of the right and center he rallied near the saw-mill several hundred of the fugitives, and was coming with them from there again to the field when I directed them to anticipate the enemy and man the intrenched camp. In doing this a I particularize a noble regiment, the First Long Island Legion, under Colonel Adams.

I have again to dwell on the exemplary conduct of the brilliant officers of the staff. Captain Potter, General Jameson's assistant adjutant-general, who had already attracted notice at Williamsburg, was here as conspicuously gallant as extremely useful. I have to regret in the loss of Captain Smith assistant adjutant-general of General Berry's


*But see revised statement, p. 760.