War of the Rebellion: Serial 012 Page 0715 Chapter XXIII. HANOVER COURT-HOUSE,ETC.

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wheat field, where they formed line of battle, loaded, and advanced in rear of the right skirmishers. The skirmishers on the right advanced at first through an open field and then the into a wood. The skirmishers on the left advanced first through the woods, then into a wheat field that reached quite up to Dr. Kinney's house. The skirmishers advanced rapidly on the left through the woods and through the wheat field toward the house.

Colonel Johnson, after accompanying the right until they reached the wood, turned into the road, so that he was just between the first and second division, Lieutenant-Colonel Savage advancing with the left. The skirmishers on the extreme right had advanced but a few hundred yards into the wood when a few shots were fired upon them. Captain McMahon going to the left of the first division, Lieutenant Olcott took command, and ordered the skirmisher to advance, which they did until they came to a pine opening resting on a road that runs in the direction of the line of skirmishers and strikes the road at Dr. Kinney's house.

Here our skirmishers on the right received a heavy volley that drove them back upon their little reserve, where they rallied and remained some twenty minutes. During this time the left advanced. As they approached the house they were suddenly fired upon from a skirt of woods on their right and across the road. Colonel Johnson, riding up to the house, gave orders for the skirmishers to rally upon the house. They did so. As they arrived at the house a heavy fire was opened upon them from across the road. Lieutenant-Colonel Savage was wounded, Lieutenant Fiske killed, and several privates killed and wounded. The skirmishers fell behind the house. Them they rallied around the barns, being unable to hold their position at the house. Here Captain McMahon was killed. The enemy crossed the road in large force, at least a regiment, and fell upon them at the barn. Here Lieutenant Thompson was killed and Lieutenant Halpin mortally wounded.

Colonel Johnson, seeing it impossible to withstand the enemy, gave the order to retire. The third division fell back to the woods far to the left toward the railroad, the second division falling to the rear not as far to the left. Nearly all of the third division are missing, among the number Captain Harris. We suppose that they were taken prisoners by the enemy, who retired around in that direction when they left the house. Most of the second division found their way back to the reserve under my command, which at this time was in the wood on the right of the road.

While these events were transpiring, the reserve, moving in line of battle on the right of the road, had arrived at the wood on the right. Having seen our skirmishers on the left advance rapidly to the house, and hearing firing, I gave orders to have the fence torn down on each side of the road, that I might cross the road by the left flank and support our skirmishers on the left. While these orders were being executed my men behind the fence on the right, of the road at right angles with the road. Here I awaited for our skirmishers to fall back. They not coming, I advanced a few rods into the woods, anxiously awaiting orders.

After some little time had passed Colonel Johnson returned to us; also, as I have stated before, quite a number of the skirmishers from the left came to the reserve. The skirmishers on the right, after lying some twenty minutes, while the firing was taking place, at the house,