War of the Rebellion: Serial 012 Page 0346 THE PENINSULAR CAMPAIGN, VA. Chapter XXIII.

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wharves, and Gloucester. The expenditure was as follows, viz: Solid shot, five from 200-pounder, one from 100-pounder; shell (percussion), sixteen, all from 100-pounder; shell (time fuse), thirteen, all from 100-pounder; shell (filled with Creek fire), four, all from 100-pounder. The performance of the guns was excellent, as was also that of the iron carriages and chassis. Most of the percussion shell failed to explode, and no observable effect was produced by the Creek fire.

Batteries Numbers 2,3, and 5. No change.

Battery Numbers 4. One mortar transferred from barge, and two mortars mounted and now ready for service. A third mortar was being mounted when the blocks broke, and further work was delayed for repairs. Three hundred and fifteen shell placed in the battery.

Battery Numbers 6. Six 4 1/2-inch guns removed to Battery Numbers 10.

Battery Numbers 10. Six platforms laid for 4 1/2-inch guns and six guns placed in position. One platform for 100-pounder hauled to the battery.

Battery Numbers 11. Materials for platforms supplied.

Cheeseman's Landing. The following material was landed, viz: Three 10-inch sea-coast mortars, ten do. beds, four 20-pounder Parrott guns and carriages, four Whitworth guns, fifteen 13-inch shell with Creek fire, and quantity of platforms, implements, &c. I beg to urge the necessity of immediate further repairs upon the road near Cheeseman's Landing and in front of General Hooker's division (Yorktown road.) It is impossible to haul heavy guns over that portion of the road.

Thursday, May 1.-Battery Numbers 1. A few shots were fired this p.m. at Yorktown wharf, with what effect is not knows, as the fog was thick. Fire at the rate of one shot per hour was maintained at this battery all night, to prevent the enemy's transports, which were driven away yesterday afternoon, from returning to discharge their freight under cover of darkness. Some of the pintle-blocks have started; repairs will be made at once.

Battery Numbers 2. No change. A working party of 80 or 100 men is needed to complete the road.

Battery No 3. and 5. No changes.

Battery Numbers 4. Two more mortars mounted, three more mortars discharged, five beds discharged, and five platforms laid.

Battery Numbers 6. Six 4 1/2-inch guns and ammunition sent to Battery Numbers 10.

Battery Numbers 9. Not yet ready for platforms and the magazine not yet completed.

Battery Numbers 10. Garrisoned by two companies of Fifth New York Volunteers. Six platforms laid for 4 1/2-inch guns, and the six guns placed in position ready for service. Magazine supplied with one hundred rounds per gun for six guns. One 100-pounder platform laid and materials hauled in for two more.

Battery Numbers 11. Material got out of hewn timber for foundations for four 10-inch sea-coast mortar platforms. Magazine nearly completed.

Battery Numbers 13. Not yet ready for its garrison.

Battery Numbers 14. Reported ready for its garrison to-night. One company First Connecticut Artillery detailed, and platforms will be laid to-morrow.

Cheeseman's Landing. Four 20-pounders, four Whitworth guns, and five platforms for 100-pounders landed and sent up to depot. Four 10-inch sea-coast mortars landed, and a large quantity of shot, shell, and implements sent from landing to depot.