War of the Rebellion: Serial 012 Page 0345 Chapter XXIII. SIEGE OF YORKTOWN, VA.

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Battery Numbers 2. Gabion revetment of embrasures faced with green hides, approaches to magazine improved, and splinter-proofs constructed over entrance to same. This battery was much fired at by the enemy to-day. One shell struck in the battery and burst. No casualties.

Battery Numbers 3. Platforms completed, guns placed in position, and magazines filled. Several shots were fired at this battery by the enemy. One shell struck full in the exterior slope of the parapet, and knocked out two or three feet of earth.

Battery Numbers 4. Four platforms for 13-inch mortars laid and two mortars transferred from barge to battery.

Battery Numbers 5. No change. This battery was to-day much fired at by the enemy. The firing was, however, extremely wild, the enemy being apparently uncertain of the true position of the battery.

Battery Numbers 6. No changes.

Battery Numbers 9. This battery is not yet ready for its platforms. Six 10-inch mortars and beds, fifteen platforms, and 708 shell were hauled to it from depot.

Cheeseman's Landing. Four companies of First Connecticut Artillery relieved by two companies Fifth New York Regiment. The discharging of the vessel loaded with 10-inch shell was completed. The vessel on which are the 10-inch sea-coast mortars drawing so much water as to be unable to get to the wharf until high water, no mortars were discharged.

Tuesday, April 29.-Battery Numbers 1. Mounting of the 200-pounder completed.

Battery Numbers 2. Supplied with mantelets for fifteen embrasures. Work on road continued.

Battery Numbers 3. Mantelets supplied for three embrasures.

Battery Numbers 4. Four 13-inch mortars and three beds landed and two platforms laid.

Battery Numbers 5. No change.

Battery Numbers 6. Six platforms for siege guns taken up and removed to Battery Numbers 10.

Battery Numbers 9. Garrisoned by two companies First Connecticut Artillery and four 10-inch mortars. Three hundred and eighty-four 10-inch shell and material for ten platforms hauled in.

Battery Numbers 10. Garrisoned by one company of Fifth New York. Material hauled in for four platforms, one platform laid, and two do. partly finished.

Battery Numbers 11. Garrisoned by one company of Fifth New York. Getting out timber, and hewing the same for sea-coast mortar platforms.

Cheeseman's Landing. Platform material, 20-pounder Parrott guns, and large quantity of shell landed.

Wednesday, April 30.-Battery Numbers 1. Opened at 2 o'clock p.m. with the five 100-pounders and one 200-pounder. The fire was first directed at the wharf at Yorktown, where the enemy were busily engaged discharging six or seven schooners. These vessels were soon driven off. The enemy's large barbette gun was directed upon us at intervals of fifteen or twenty minutes. Two of the 100-pounders were turned in that direction with apparent good effect. The fire of the 200-pounder was directed upon the vessels, which after leaving Yorktown wharf took refuge behind Gloucester Point. This fire was very effective. The enemy's fire was well directed, but the protection afforded by the battery effective, and their fire caused us no casualties. Battery Numbers 1 gives us complete control of the enemy's water batteries.