War of the Rebellion: Serial 012 Page 0344 THE PENINSULAR CAMPAIGN, VA. Chapter XXIII.

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ferred from landing to depot. One large sling-cart, lifting-jack, and ropes were taken to battery Numbers 4, in readiness for 13-inch mortars. Eight 13-inch mortars are to be brought into Wormley's Creek to-night at high tide (8 p.m.) and will be moved up to Battery Numbers 4 early to-morrow morning.

Saturday, April 26-a.m.-Two of the barges eight 13-inch mortars, were successfully gotten into Wormley's Creek this morning. The remaining barge, loaded with 13-inch mortar shell,is hopelessly aground, and will have to be discharged. It can easily be unloaded, and I have to request that the engineer department be ordered to furnish Colonel Tyler with pontoons for this purpose. No change reported in any of the batteries.

Saturday, April 26-p.m.-Two canal-boats, containing eight 13-inch mortars and nine beds, were brought into Wormley's Creek, in readiness to be taken up to their position at high tide (8.30 o'clock) to-night. Major Webb left Cheeseman's Creek at 5 o'clock this afternoon, in charge of two canal-boats, containing two 13-inch mortars, one bed, and one 100-pounder gun, with its chassis, carriage, and platform. They will be brought into Wormley's Creek at high tide to-night.

The following were landed from transports at Cheeseman's Landing and transported thence to depot, viz: One hundred and thirty 10-inch shell, twenty-three 10-inch carcasses, seven 8-inch carcasses, one hundred and seventy 30-pounder shot, four hundred 30-pounder shell.

Battery Numbers 1. Ten shell from the large gun at Yorktown, and two from Gloucester Point were fired this morning at a canal-boat ashore about 350 feet in front of the battery. Fragment of these shell struck the battery in several places. The projectile appears of about 7-inches caliber and about 1 1/2 inches in thickness.

Battery Numbers 2. The working party asked for this morning, to complete the road in rear of the battery, did not report.

The application is renewed for to-morrow, as the work is deemed to be of importance.

Batteries Nos. 3,5, and 6. No change.

Battery Numbers 4. Preparations made for landing and mountain 13-inch mortars. The roads to and from Cheeseman's Creek are again getting bad, and require immediate attention.

Sunday, April 27, 1862-a.m.-The 200-pounder Parrott and the remaining two 13-inch mortars were successfully brought into Wormley's Creek just at daybreak this morning. Great credit is due my assistant, Major Webb, for this work. It was by his energy, perseverance, and coolness during the larger portion of forty-eight hours' almost continuous labor, for nearly two hours of which he was under the enemy's fire of shot and shell, that the great difficulties attending the movement of this exceedingly heavy material were overcome. I have given orders to Colonel Tyler (who has already entered upon the execution of them) to mount and place in position the mortars and 200-pounder. I have no change to report in any of the batteries.

Sunday, April 27-p.m.-One hundred and twenty-five barrels of powder were to day hauled from Cheeseman's Landing to depot. The roads to and from the landing are now so bad that it is utterly impossible to bring more than light loads over them. I earnestly request that a strong working party be detailed at once for its repairs. The road in rear of Battery Numbers 2 is still unfinished. I beg to repeat my application of yesterday and of the day before that a party be detailed to complete it.

Monday, April 28.-Battery Numbers 1. Platform for 200-pounder laid; chassis, upper carriage, and gun mounted.