War of the Rebellion: Serial 012 Page 0343 Chapter XXIII. SIEGE OF YORKTOWN, VA.

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I would respectfully recommend that strong infantry supports be now placed in position in the immediately vicinity of Batteries 1,2,3,5, and 6. Batteries 3 and 6, being particularly exposed to sorties of the enemy, should be more than usually well supported, and I would therefore recommend for each of them a section of light artillery in connection with the infantry supports.

Wednesday, April 23.-Battery Numbers 1. No change except oiling guns and carriages and finishing drains in and about the battery.

Battery Numbers 2. Five platforms laid and the battery supplied with the following ammunition: Two hundred and fifty 4 1/2-inch solid shot, two hundred and fifty 4 1/2-inch shell, one hundred case-shot.

Battery Numbers 6. Same as in battery Numbers 1.

The following material was landed from transports and hauled to depot: Forty-two 10-inch carcasses, sixteen hand-barrows, three platforms. One 13-inch mortar was transferred from transport to canal-boat, which is to transport it up Wormley's Creek. A detachment is ordered to work all night to complete the transfer of the remaining four mortars. The whole number will be ready to be towed into position to-morrow night. Another detachment is ordered to work all night disembarking five 30-pounders.

Thursday, April 24.-One hundred and seventy 30-pounder shell, ten 30-pounder shot, thirty-three 30-pounder shell with Creek fire; forty-eight 8-inch carcasses, twenty-six 10-inch carcasses transported from landing to depot; five 30-pounder Parrott guns transported from landing to Battery Numbers 2.

Battery Numbers 2 Five 30-pounder Parrott guns placed in position, six platforms laid, and five hundred rounds of 30-pounder ammunition placed in magazine. This battery is now ready for service. Eight 13-inch sea-coast mortars were transferred from the transport to canal-boats, and will to-night at high tide be towed into Wormley's Creek. Two 13-inch mortars and one 200-pounder Parrott gun will be transferred to-morrow, and, weather permitting, will also be towed into the creek. A quantity of 10-inch shell and 100-pounder Parrott projectiles are being landed from transports.

Battery Numbers 5. Six platforms laid. The guns will be in position to-night and by daybreak ready for service.

Friday, April 25.-a.m.-The five 30-pounder Parrotts were placed in position in Battery Numbers 2 last night. Ammunition supplied for the fifteen guns of that battery, and the guns transferred to their proper platforms-i. e., five 20-pounders in left branch, next in order five 30-pounders, and next five 4 1/2-inch guns. Finishing work is now being done, but the battery is ready for immediate service. Eight 13-inch sea-coast mortars, with a quantity of shell, were towed out of Cheseman's Creek last night en route for Wormley's Creek. Upon arriving at the fleet it was ascertained that the tide was beginning to ebb, and the officer detailed by me to superintend the work (Major Webb) was dissuaded by the pilot and Captain Missroon, U. S. Navy, from attempting the passage. The canal-boats were therefore anchored beyond range of the enemy's guns and view, and they will be run in at 8 o'clock to-night, together, with the remaining mortars and 200-pounder.

Friday, April 25.-p.m.-In consequence of the breaking of the blocks and falls procured from the Navy, the transfer of mortars was necessarily delayed. Two 13-inch mortars and one 200-pounder gun yet remained to be transhipped. Measures have been taken to procure from Fort Monroe lifting material of adequate strength. Six hundred 30-pounder shells and four hundred 30-pounder shot were trans-