War of the Rebellion: Serial 012 Page 0322 THE PENINSULAR CAMPAIGN, VA. Chapter XXIII.

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directed last night to push reconnaissance; two points especially mentioned: First, as to the practicability of attack, attacking the position of Wynn's Mill by enfilading batteries near forks of roads, and by direct batteries in front and cutting the dams; second, as to batteries on the knoll and parallel thereto on the left.

Saturday, April 12.-Lieutenant Comstock finished his reconnaissance and report of the reconnaissance of Warwick River. Lieutenant McAlester was engaged in examining for batteries and observing enemy's works. Lieutenant Merrill, with General Keyes' corps, in conjunction with Lieutenant Bowen, Topographical Engineers, reconnoitering the Warwick River. Captain Duane, with the regular engineer companies, examining the branches of Wormley's Creek for roads and bridges, his troops making gabions, &c.

Sunday, April 13.-Lieutenant Comstock surveying ravines in front of Yorktown; McAlester reconnoitering as before; Merrill recapping his reconnaissance; Captain Duane and command as before; Lieutenant Babcock, working under directions of Lieutenant McAlester, made an examination of Wynn's Mill position. General Woodbury reported with his command, and was directed to move near engineer depot.

Monday, April 14.-Lieutenant Comstock surveying ravines; Lieutenant McAlester examining for roads. Lieutenant Merrill came in with Lieutenant Bowen with the maps of their reconnaissance. He was instructed to lay before General Smith the views of the commanding general in reference to certain points and make such future examinations as he might think necessary. By Special Orders, Numbers 108, headquarters Army of the Potomac, Colonel Alexander, assisted by Lieutenant McAlester, was charged with direction of road-making in ravines at the mouth of Wormley's Creek, General Hamilton's division furnishing the working parties. General Woodbury was charged with roads and bridges between the two arms of the creek and south of the southern one.

Tuesday, April 15.-General Woodbury and his command supposed to be opening roads and establishing bridges and making gabions; Captain Duane, with regular engineer companies, on same duties; Colonel Alexander charged, by Special Orders, No.-with laying and superintending roads south of Wormley's Creek; Colonel Alexander was engaged in assigning and making arrangements for beginning his portion of the roads; Lieutenant Comstock engaged in surveying ravines in front of Yorktown; Lieutenant McAlester assisting Colonel Alexander in discharge of duties assigned him in Special Orders, No.-Lieutenant Merrill came in from General Smith with information and message, which was laid verbally before the commanding general. Lieutenant N. J. Hall, assigned duty under my orders by Special Orders, No.-, was directed to examine the works of Yorktown to see how far they can be identified with old works. Lieutenant Abbot engaged in making up his reconnaissance of preceding days.

Wednesday, April 16.-General Woodbury is supposed to have been engaged yesterday in opening the roads between the two arms of Wormley's Creek and in building bridges. Part of his command are understood to be making gabions and fascines and part at work at the bridges, commenced roads on the north bank of Wormley's; no report received of the exact progress; great delay was incurred from want of tools. Lieutenant Comstock was engaged exploring the ravines for batteries. Lieutenant Merrill accompanied General Smith's command in its