War of the Rebellion: Serial 011 Page 0617 Chapter XXII. CORRESPONDENCE,ETC.-UNION.

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COLUMBIA, March 29, 1862.


If I may take the liberty, I beg that nominations of

brigadier-generals from Ohio, Indiana, Michigan, Wisconsin, and Kentucky may be deferred until I can present by mail the names of officers of this army who have proved themselves worthy of promotion.


WASHINGTON, March 30, 1862.

Major-General BUELL:

Your telegram received and communicated to the Military Committee. I agree entirely with you and an glad you have made the point. The system pursued had been against my judgment and wishes.


COLUMBIA, March 30, 1862.

Major-General HALLECK, Saint Louis:

Telegraph received. I have refrained from giving the strength of my columns by telegraph, but will do so if you think it prudent. If my report said 90,000 it was an error in copying. It should have said about 55,000 effective. I fully appreciate the object of concentrating the greatest force possible on the point of attack, and of course am anxious to take with me all I can.

I received your letter of the 21st to-day. I hope mine of the 23rd will reach you without further delay.


SAINT LOUIS, April 2, 1862.

General D. C. BUELL:

Your letter of 23rd March just received. Something wrong in mail. it is said that there are troops still at Camp Chase; if so, why not bring them to Nashville? Your dispositions for defense of that place seem judicious. I leave the matters entirely to your own judgment. I have sent twenty pontoons to General Grant; will send more if required.


HUNTSVILLE, April 13, 1862.

General D. C. BUELL:

Three regiments of infantry and a squadron of cavalry now occupy Decatur. The enemy last night attempted to burn a bridge between Decatur and Tuscumbia, showing his weakness and his apprehension of attack from the division under my command. I have sent out to-day an armed train to make a reconnaissance in the direction of Tuscumbia by railroad; they have penetrated to within about 20 miles of Tuscumbia.

Having discovered and repaired the burnt bridge already alluded to, it if be possible to capture Tuscumbia and Florence I shall then be able to open communications with the main body of the army under your command. We have no news of any fighting sine the battle of the 8th.