War of the Rebellion: Serial 011 Page 0553 Chapter XXII. CORRESPONDENCE, ETC. - CONFEDERATE.

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for the exact execution of this order. The ammunition train and the whole ambulance train will be parked near these headquarters, and the whole ambulance train will be parked near these headquarters,and will await orders from the chief of ordnance and the medical director, Dr. Gaenslen.

The baggage train of each brigade will be accompanied by a pioneer party of 50 men and one company of infantry, who will repair the roads, unbog the wagons, and in every way facilitate their movements. The ammunition train and the ambulance train will also be accompanied by a pioneer party and guard sufficient to prevent any detention.

The division, brigade, and regimental quartermasters will be with their respective trains, and will see to the exact execution of the orders for their movements herein contained.

Captain C. McGivern, acting chief quartermaster of this army, will regulate the movements of the train, and will receive orders from the general commanding this army.

The whole baggage and provision train will be ready to move at daylight to-morrow.

No wagon or other vehicle will under my circumstances remain with the troops nor join them except by orders from these headquarters.

The troops of this army will be ready to take the field to-morrow morning at daylight, with three days' cooked rations in their haversacks, and ready for action.

Price's division will move at 7 o'clock, and taking the direction of General Rust's headquarters, will halt when the head of his column arrives near that point and await orders.

Generals Jones and McCown will form their divisions in front of their respective camps and await orders.

Brigade quartermasters will have their brigade trains assembled, and will be ready to take the road in the following order: First,

baggage wagons, in order of march, left in front; second, provision wagons in same order.

The train will await the order of Captain McGivern before moving from their parks.

The trains will all form their parks before daylight near the Danville road, but no wagon or vehicle will move into the road until ordered by Captain McGivern.

By order of Major General Earl Van Dorn:



Richmond, Va.., May 27, 1862

Major General E. KIRBY SMITH,

Commanding Department, Knoxville, Tenn.:

GENERAL: On the 29th April Governor Brown,of Georgia, was requested by telegraph to send the regiment of cavalry at Dalton commanded by Colonel Glenn, and that at Cartersville under Colonel Morrison, to Chattanooga, to report to the commanding officer at that point. On the 1st of May Governor Shorter, of Alabama, was desired to send two infantry regiments at Talladega to Chattanooga, and the Ordnance Bureau directed to forward arms for them. Since then nothing has been heard of these troops, and General Lee directs me to inquire of you whether they have arrived, are they armed, &c., Also what number of troops are stationed at and inn the vicinity of Chattanooga.

The large amount of supplies stored at Atlanta, Ga., renders it of