War of the Rebellion: Serial 011 Page 0444 KY.,TENN.,N.MISS.,N.ALA.,AND SW.VA. Chapter XXII.

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LEBANON, VA., April 25, 1862.

General R. E. LEE,

Commanding, &c.:

GENERAL: Yesterday I received your letters of the 18th and 21st instant. Before they came I had been called on to act in a few cases, and adopted a line of policy which seems to depart from the direction suggested by you, as will appear by my orders, inclosed herewith for your perusal. Still, this order rests upon a basis that in view is entirely concordant with your wishes-that my regiments are to be filled before any one else recruits from the counties assigned to me. I find upon examination that I may add 400 men to fill Colonel Moore's six companies (heretofore with me) to the maximum. I have received a report from Lieutenant-Colonel Leigh within a few days, Colonel Moore being absent, by the dying bed of his son, Adjutant Moore, which discloses this exact condition of that corps:

Re- Refused Recruits Absent

enlisted sick

Company A 34 21 4 6

Company B* 64 None 52 6

Company C 40 7 10 17

Company D 33 22 4 6

Company E 25 36 3 9

Company F 1 26 --- 18

Aggregate 197 112 73 62

Deserter Arrested Detached In

s for hospita

desertio l


Company A 10 3 --- ---

Company B* +1 --- --- ---

Company C 3 --- --- ---

Company D --- --- 1 ---

Company E 2 --- --- ---

Company F 6 --- --- 1

Aggregate 22 3 1 1


*This company, commanded by Captain Horne, is now full to 125.

+Gone to Kentucky.


Thus it will be seen that 270 re-enlisted men and recruits for the war only represent the volunteer force of this corps present for duty or sick. I furloughed all who re-enlisted for thirty days, and they are now absent. Since this report was made many of the 112 who refused have volunteered to re-enlist; but of course this was only done in extremis, nor did it make any difference, since under the conscription act they would be retained at any rate, and also be entitled to the bounty at any rate. Added to the others, it gives a total force of 382 to the six companies-for I scarcely put any estimate on the "absent sick" and exclude entirely the deserters-and leaves a margin for 218 additional to fill to 100 men, or 368 to fill to the maximum standard. The remainder was my own work. I added to this corps to fill it out to a regiment in fact the following companies:

Company G (from Russell County, Captain Smith), 107 rank and file.

Company H (from Tazewell County, Captain Bruster), 105 rank and file.

Company I (from Russell County, Captain Dickenson), 80 rank and file.

And Lieutenant March, formerly of the corps, will have Company K, with 100 men from Carroll, Wythe, and Grayson, being now en route for camp, and probably up to the minimum standard.

Therefore I may say to you in general terms that the Twenty-ninth Virginia can take on 450 to 500 more men to fill it to the maximum standard, and it is my purpose to do this, unless you control me otherwise.

Now as to the Pound Gap battalion. I brought this corps to the old