War of the Rebellion: Serial 011 Page 0150 Chapter XXII. KY.,TENN.,N.MISS.,N.ALA.,AND SW.VA.

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Brigadier General WIILLIAM NELSON.

Tenth Brigade.

Colonel JACOB AMMEN, 24TH Ohio.

36th Indiana, Colonel William Grose.

17th Kentucky, Colonel J. H. McHenry.

6th Ohio, Colonel W. K. Bosley.

24th Ohio, Colonel Jacob Ammen.

Nineteenth Brigade.

Colonel WILLIAM B. HAZEN, 41st Ohio.

9th Indiana, Colonel G. C. Moody.

6th Kentucky, Colonel W. C. Whitaker.

27th Kentucky, Colonel C. D. Pennebaker.

41st Ohio, Colonel W. B. Hazen.

Twenty-second Brigade.

Colonel S. D. BRUCE, 20TH Kentucky.

31st Indiana, Colonel Charles Cruft.

1st Kentucky, Colonel D. A. Enyart.

2nd Kentucky, Colonel T. D. Sedgewick.

20th Kentucky, Colonel S. D. Bruce.


7th Indiana Battery, Captain S. J. Harris.

10th Indiana Battery, Captain J. B. Cox.

1st Ohio Artillery, Battery D, Captain A. J. Konkle.

2nd Ind. Cav., Lieutenant Colonel E. M. McCook.

3rd Indiana Cavalry (one company).


Brigadier General T. L. CRITTENDEN.

Eleventh Brigade.

Brigadier General J. T. BOYLE.

9th Kentucky, Colonel B. C. Grider.

13th Kentucky, Colonel E. H. Hobson.

21st Kentucky, Colonel E. L. Dudley.

19th Ohio, Colonel Samuel Batty.

59th Ohio, Colonel J. P. Fyffle.


Indiana Battery, Captain Fred. Behr.++

Michigan Battery, Captain J. J. Dennis.

Ohio Battery, Captain Joseph Bartlett.

4th U. S. Artillery, Battery M, Captain John Mendenhall.

4th U. S. Art., Bat. H, Lieutenant C. C. Parsons.

3rd Kentucky Cavalry, Colonel J. S. Jackson.


Brigadier General T. J. WOOD.

Fifteenth Brigade.

Colonel M. S. HASCALL.

17th Indiana, Lieutenant Colonel J. T. Wilder.

58th Indiana, Colonel H. M. Carr.

13th Michigan, Colonel M. Shoemaker.

26th Ohio, Colonel E. P. Fyffe.


Brigadier General W. T. WARD.

28th Kentucky, Colonel W. P. Boone.

11th Michigan, Colonel W. L. Stoughton.


Brigadier General GEORGE W. MORGAN.

Twenty-fourth Brigade.

Brigadier General S. P. CARTER.

49th Indiana, Lieutenant Colonel James Keigwin.

7th Kentucky, Colonel T. T. Garrard.

1st Tennessee, Colonel R. K. Byrd.

2nd Tennessee, Colonel J. P. T. Carter.

Twenty-fifth Brigade.

Brigadier General J. G. SPEARS.

3rd Tennessee, Colonel L. C. Houk.

4th Tennessee, Colonel Robert Johnson.

5th Tennessee, Colonel James T. Shelley.

6th Tennessee, Colonel James A. Cooper.

Twenty-sixth Brigade.


22nd Kentucky, Colonel D. W. Lindsey.

16th Ohio, Lieutenant Colonel G. W. Bailey.

42nd Ohio, Colonel L. A. Sheldon.

Twenty-seventh Brigade.

Brigadier General ABSALOM BAIRD.

33rd Indiana, Colonel John Coburn.

14th Kentucky, Colonel J. C. Cochran.

19th Kentucky, Colonel W. J. Landram.


*From monthly return of the division.

+From consolidated morning report of the District of the Ohio.

++Killed at Shiloh.

&Taken from General Morgan's reports. No returns on file.