War of the Rebellion: Serial 011 Page 0149 Chapter XXII. CORRESPONDENCE, ETC.-UNION.

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Organization of the Army of the Ohio, Major General D. C. Buell commanding, April 30, 1862.


Brigadier General GEORGE H. THOMAS.

First Brigade.

Brigadier Brigade.

Brigadier General A. SCHOEPF.

12th Kentucky, Colonel W. A. Hoskins.

17th Ohio, Colonel J. M. Connell.

31st Ohio, Colonel M. B. Walker.

38th Ohio, Colonel E. H. Phelps.

Second Brigade.

Brigadier General S. s. FRY.

10th Indiana, Major A. O. Miller.

10th Kentucky, Colonel J. M. Harlan.

4th Kentucky, Colonel J. T. Croxton.

14th Ohio, Colonel J. B. Steedman.

Third Brigade.

Colonel R. L. McCOOK.

2nd Minnesota, Colonel James George.

9th Ohio, Lieutenant Colonel G. Kammerling.

35th Ohio, Colonel F. Van Derveer.

18th U. S., Lieutenant Colonel O. L. Shepherd.


4th Michigan Battery, Captain A. F. Bidwell.

1st Ohio, Battery C, Captain D. Kenny, jr.

4th U. S. Artillery, Battery I, Captain O. A. Mack.


Brigadier General ALEXANDER McD. McCOOK.

Fourth Brigade.

Brigadier General L. H. ROUSSEAU.

6th Indiana, Colonel T. T. Crittenden.

5th Kentucky, Colonel H. M. Buckley.

1st Ohio, Colonel B. F. Smith.

15th U. S. (battalion), Major J. H. King.

16th U. S. (batt'n), Captain E. F. Townsend.

19th U. S. (batt'n), Major S. D. Carpenter.

Fifth Brigade.

Colonel E. N. KIRK.

34th Illinois, Lieutenant Colonel Amos Bosworth.

29th Indiana, Lieutenant Colonel D. M. Dunn.

30th Indiana, Colonel S. S. Bass.

77th Pennsylvania, Colonel F. S. Stumbaugh.

Sixth Brigade.

Brigadier General R. W. JOHNSON.

32nd Indiana, Colonel August Willich.

39th Indiana, Colonel T. J. Harrison.

15th Ohio, Colonel M. R. Dickey.

49th Ohio, Colonel W. H. Grison.


Kentucky Battery, Captain D. C. Stone.

Ohio Battery, Captain W. F. Goodspeed.

Pennsylvania Battery, Captain C. F. Mueller.

5th U. S. Art'y, Batt'y H, Captain W. R. Terrill.

Indiana Cavalry, Captain Gaddis.

2nd Kentucky Cav., Colonel Buckner Board.

1st Michigan Engineers (detachment),

Colonel W. P. Innes.


Major General ORMSBY M. MITCHEL.

Eighth Brigade.

Colonel J. B. TURCHIN, 19th Illinois.

19th Illinois, Colonel J. B. Turchin.

24th Illinois, Colonel G. Mihalotzy.

37th Indiana, Colonel C. Gazlay.

18th Ohio, Colonel T. R. Stanley.

Ninth Brigade.

Colonel J. W. SILL, 33rd Ohio

2nd Ohio, Colonel L. A. Harris.

21st Ohio, Colonel J. S. Norton.

33rd Ohio, Colonel J. W. Sill.

10th Wisconsin, Colonel A. R. Chapin.

Seventeenth Brigade.

Colonel W. H. LYTLE, 10th Ohio.

42nd Indiana, Colonel J. G. Jones.

15th Kentucky, Colonel C. Pope.

3rd Ohio, Colonel John Beatty.

10th Ohio, Colonel W. H. Lytle.


Indiana Battery, Captain P. Simonson.

Michigan Battery, Captain C. O. Loomis.

Ohio Battery, Captain W. P. Edgarton.

4th Ohio Cavalry, Colonel John Kennett.

1st Michigan Engineers (two companies), Captain J. B. Yates.


*See note on p. 148.

+Taken from monthly return of the division. The consolidated morning report of the District of the Ohio accounts for the first Ohio Cavalry, Lieutenant-Colonel Smith, and a detachment of the First Michigan Engineers, Lieutenant-Colonel Hunter, as in this division.

++From monthly return of the division.