War of the Rebellion: Serial 011 Page 0147 Chapter XXII. CORRESPONDENCE, ETC.-UNION.

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Organization of the Army of the Mississippi, Major General John Pope commanding, April 30, 1862.


Brigadier General E. A. PAINE.

First Brigade.

Brigadier General JOHN M. PALMER.

22nd Illinois, Lieutenant Colonel H. E. Hart.

27th Illinois, Lieutenant Colonel F. a. Harrington.

42nd Illinois, Colonel G. W. Roberts.

51st Illinois, Colonel G. W. Cumming.

1st Missouri Light Artillery, Battery G, Captain H. Hescock.

Second Brigade.

Colonel JAMES D. MORGAN, 10th Illinois.

10th Illinois, Lieutenant Colonel J. Tillson.

16th Illinois, Colonel R. F. Smith.

64th Illinois, Lieutenant Colonel C. M. Lum.

14th Michigan, Colonel R. P. Sinclair.

1st Illinois Light Artillery, Battery C, Captain C. Houghtaling.


Brigadier General DAVID S. STANLEY.

First Brigade.

Colonel JOHN GROESBECK, 39th Ohio.

27th Ohio, Colonel J. W. Fuller.

39th Ohio, Colonel J. Groesbeck.

43rd Ohio, Colonel J. L. K. Smith.

63rd Ohio, Colonel J. W. Sprague.

1st Michigan Light Artillery, Battery C, Captain A. W. Dees.

2nd U. S. Artillery, Battery F, Captain T. D. Maurice.

Second Brigade.

Brigadier General J. B. PLUMMER.

26th Illinois, Colonel J. M. Loomis.

47th Illinois, Colonel J. Bryner.

11th Missouri, Lieutenant Colonel W. E. Panabaker.

8th Wisconsin, Colonel R. C. Murphy.

2nd Iowa Battery, Captain N. T. Spoor.


Brigadier General SCHUYLER HAMILTON.

First Brigade.

Brigadier General N. B. BUFORD.

59th Indiana, Colonel J. I. Alexander.

5th Iowa, Colonel W. H. Worthington.

10th Iowa, Colonel N. Perczel.

26th Missouri, Colonel G. B. Boomer.

11th Ohio Battery, Captain F. C. Sands.

Second Brigade.

48th Indiana, Colonel N. Eddy.

80th Ohio,


Brigadier General GORDON GRANGER.

7th Illinois, Colonel W. P. Kellogg.

2nd Iowa, Colonel W. L. Elliott.

2nd Michigan, Lieutenant Colonel S. H. Gorham.

3rd Michigan, Colonel J. K. Mizner.


Lieutenant Colonel W. L. LOTHROP, 1st Missouri Light Artillery.

2nd Illinois Light Artillery, Battery I, Captain C. M. Barnett.

1st Missouri Light Artillery, Battery M, Captain A. M. Powell.

Wisconsin Light Artillery, 5th Battery, Captain O. F. Pinney.


Missouri Engineers, Colonel J. W. Bissell.

1st U. S. Infantry, Captain G. A. Williams.

4th U. S. Cavalry, Captain E. W. Crittenden.