War of the Rebellion: Serial 011 Page 0088 KY., TENN., N. MISS., N. ALA.,AND SW. VA.

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To the Fifth Division, Brigadier General W. T. Sherman commanding, Taylor's, Waterhouse's, and Bouton's batteries, and two battalions of the Fourth Illinois Cavalry.

To the Sixth Division, Brigadier General B. M. Prentiss commanding, the Fifth Ohio, Powell's and Munch's batteries, and two battalions of the Eleventh Illinois Cavalry.

All transfers and changes necessary to comply with this order will be immediately made.

By command of Major General U. S. Grant:

JNumbers A. RAWLINS,

Assistant Adjutant-General.



Numbers 43.

Savannah, Tenn., April 2, 1862.

* * * * * * *

5. The following assignments of brigadier-generals is hereby made:

Brigadier General R. J. Oglesby to command the Third Brigade, First Division.

Brigadier General W. H. L. Wallace is assigned to the Second Division, and will be assigned to a brigade by Major General C. F. Smith, commanding the division.

Brigadier General J. G. Lauman will report to Brigadier General S. A. Hurlbut, commanding Fourth Division, and be assigned by him to a brigade.

As a general rule brigadier-generals should be assigned to brigades commanded by the junior commanders within the division to which they are attached.

By order of Major General U. S. Grant:

JNumbers A. RAWLINS,

Assistant Adjutant-General.



Numbers 16.

Camp Shiloh, April 2, 1862.

For the purpose of review and inspection the division will form as follows:

1. McDowell's First Brigade along the Purdy and Hamburg road, facing southwest. Battery unlimbered,looking toward Purdy and nearly in front of McDowell's headquarters. The infantry in line, right resting near the battery.

2. Buckland's brigade (Fourth) along the same Hamburg and Purdy road, right next McDowell's left. Battery in advance, unlimbered, in battery looking toward Corinth.

3. Hildebrand's (Third) on the left of Buckland's on the same road, Purdy and Hamburg; right near of Buckland; cavalry in column of companies on the drill ground. Head of column facing the Purdy road.

4. Stuart's on the same road, facing southwest. Battery on extreme left unlimbered,in battery looking down the road toward Hamburg.

Brigades will not attempt to dress on each other, but form a general line on the east of the road, looking toward Corinth or the enemy.

Each regiment will be correctly aligned on its colors, ranks opened arms stacked, and brigades will take arms, and after presenting arms will stand at the shoulder while General Grant passes the lines. Colors will salute him as passes, and bands play as he passes each regiment's front.