War of the Rebellion: Serial 010 Page 0835 Chapter XXII. SIEGE OF CORINTH, MISS.

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fighting. If they fell back, I was to fall back to the lower side of the field to draw out the enemy from the woods and then charge on them in open field, allowing Colonel Innes to come in their rear. Such was our position and arrangement when Major Paramore ordered his two companies to retreat. I ordered them to halt. At this I sent 25 men to sustain Colonel Innes on the right and guard a road that led through the woods on my right.

At this time Captain William M. Flanagan, of Company L, came out of the woods, and said the bushes were so thick his men could not fight to advantage, and asked to dismount his men. I ordered his men to dismount and lead their horses to the rear; also 10 men of each company to dismount and act as infantry, under the command of Captain Flanagan. At this moment Major Paramore ordered the men to retreat, and our men fell back to the lower part of the field before I was aware of their intentions. I rode in front, and ordered them to halt and right-about wheel and form line. Major Paramore again ordered his men to retreat, saying he would command his own men and I might mine. His men commenced a left wheel to move off, and I deeming it imprudent for me to hold my two companies, consisting of 70 men, after he had ordered his to retreat, saying he would command his own men, there could be no concert of action between us, and I ordered my men across the branch and mud-hole.

I have the honor to be, your obedient servant,


Major, Third Regiment Ohio Volunteer Cavalry.

Colonel L. ZAHM.

No. 71. Report of Major James W. Paramore, Third Ohio Cavalry, of skirmish near Corinth, Miss., May 9.


SIR: I have the honor to submit the following report of the part taken by my command in the skirmish in front of General Wood's division on Friday, May 9, 1862:

I left camp at 7 o'clock of said day, in command of the Third Squadron of the Third Ohio Volunteer Cavalry, composed of Companies E, Captain T. D. McClelland, and F, Captain O. G. Smith, with orders to report to General Wood. I did so, and received verbal instructions from him to proceed to the outpost of his division and relive the two companies sent out on the 8th instant, in command of Major J. H. Foster, also of our regiment, and station my vedettes the same as his, and await further orders. I proceeded accordingly to the outpost, and found the reserve of the squadron, under Major Foster, stationed at an old deserted house on the left of the road, through the open space shown in the diagram. I halted my command,and was informed by Captain Flanagan that Major Foster, with a detachment of his command, had gone down the Corinth road to make a reconnaissance. I waited until he returned, when I informed him that I had come with my command to relieve him, and asked where his vedettes were stationed and for