War of the Rebellion: Serial 010 Page 0714 KY.,TENN.,N.MISS.N.ALA., AND SW.VA. Chapter XXII.

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April 25.-This morning the Tenth and Sixteenth Illinois Volunteers, Yates Sharpshooters,and Houghtaling's battery were ordered forward about 1 1/2 miles to a commanding position as an advance post. The balance of the division remained in the old camp. The Fourteenth Michigan reported for duty to-day.

April 26.-Remained in camp.

April 27.-Advanced some 4 miles, the whole command following. Houghtaling's battery assigned to the Second Brigade and Hescock's to the First Brigade.

April 28.-Remained in camp.

April 29.-Part of both brigades were ordered forward on the Monterey road some 4 miles, as a supporting party to General Stanley's division. Returned to camp about noon.

April 30.-Moved forward with the division across Chambers' Creek.

May 1.-Recrossed Chambers Creek.

May 2.-Remained in camp.

May 3.-The whole division left camp about half past 10 a.m. and took the road to Farmington, the Second Brigade in advance, and in the following order: Yates Sharpshooters, Lieutenant-Colonel Williams commanding, as an advance guard; Tenth Illinois, Lieutenant-Colonel Tillson commanding; Houghtaling's battery; Sixteenth Illinois, Colonel Smith commanding; Fourteenth Michigan, Colonel Sinclair commanding and Tenth Michigan, Colonel Lum commanding, the First Brigade following.

Some 3 miles from camp the Tent and Fourteenth Michigan and one section of Houghtaling's battery were detached and ordered to report to Colonel Roberts, Forty-Second Illinois, who had been ordered to take the road to the right, leading to Nichols' Ford, and there await further orders. The balance of the division moved forward by the direct road to Farmington, descending into the swamp east of Seven Mile Creek. The Yates Sharpshooters were deployed as skirmishers and ordered to move cautiously forward. The enemy was soon discovered in strong force, and a brisk fire commenced along the whole line of skirmishers. Four companies -A, B, F, and I - were ordered forward to support the sharpshooters. This force soon succeeded in driving the enemy before them across Seven Mile Creek where we found the bridge destroyed and the road much obstructed by fallen timber. Company C, Tenth Illinois Volunteers, was ordered forward to reconstruct bridge and clear the road. While this was being done the remaining five companies of the Tenth and the Sixteenth Illinois were ordered forward and took up a strong position on the hill at the outlet of the swamp. In two hours the bridge was completed and the road cleared for the passage of artillery, and the command moved forward in the following order:The Second Brigade to the right of the road, the First Brigade along the road and to the left. The enemy were soon discovered in front, and the Second Brigade formed in the following order to battle: Three companies, the Yates Sharpshooters in advance, deployed as skirmishers, the Sixteenth Illinois on the right, Houghtaling's battery in the center, and the Tenth Illinois on the left. Our skirmishers soon drove in those of the enemy, and Houghtaling's battery opened a close and rapid fire upon one of the enemy's, which, was promptly and spiritedly replied to.

This continued for nearly and hour, Houghtaling advancing steadily and taking up new positions. The battery of the enemy having been silenced, the infantry were then ordered to charge, which was done in splendid order, driving the enemy some 2 miles, the road being covered