War of the Rebellion: Serial 010 Page 0580 KY.,TENN.,N.MISS.,N.ALA., AND SW.VA. Chapter XXII.

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duty and fought as though they were determined to conquer. First, if a first there be, among the roll of these gallant spirits, ranks Captain Martin, of Company A. He fought gallantly, and bravely led his men at a shoulder arms against a foe whose long-range guns dealt death and destruction and fell back, he and his gallant company and officers stood their ground and on them the regiment rallied. Captain McCauley, Company K, also highly distinguished himself, and in the last charge on Sunday against the enemy's battery he fell while gallantly leading his company. Captains Warner, Company D, and Rutherford, Company E; Lieutenant Andrews, Company K; Lieutenant Gillespie, Company G, and Lieutenants Brown and Pearson, Company B, all highly distinguished themselves by their reckless disregard of personal safety when duty called them.

Respectfully submitted.


Major, Commanding.

No. 210 Report of Brig. Gen. P. R. Cleburne, C. S. Army, commanding Second Brigade.


I submit this report of the proceedings of my brigade in the battle of Shiloh on April 6 and 7:

On the morning of the 6th my brigade was formed in line of battle on the left of your division. It consisted of the following regiments, viz: The Twenty-third Tennessee, Lieutenant. Col. James F. Neill commanding; Sixth Mississippi, Col. J. J. Thornton; Fifth Tennessee, Col. Ben. J. Hill; Twenty-fourth Tennessee, Lieutenant. Col. Thomas H. Peebles commanding; Fifteenth Arkansas, Lieutenant. Col. A. K. Patton commanding, and the Second Tennessee, Col. W. B. Bate. The regiments were placed in the following order: Twenty-third Tennessee on the right, Sixth Mississippi next, Fifth Tennessee next, Twenty-fourth Tennessee on the left, Fifteenth Arkansas deployed as skirmishers in front of the line, with their reserve near the left, and the Second Tennessee en echelon 500 yards in rear of my left flank, with a strong line of skirmishers covering the interval between its left and that of the Twenty-fourth Tennessee.

In this formation, soon after daylight, I advanced with the division against the enemy, keeping the proper distance from and regulating my movements by those of General Wood's brigade, which was on my right. I remained myself near the right of my brigade so as to preserve, as far as possible, my connection with the division. Trigg's battery followed near the right of my brigade, but was under the control of the chief of artillery, and left me after the first encounter. I advanced some distance through the woods without opposition. The enemy first showed himself about 400 off towards my left flank. I ordered Captain Trigg to send a howitzer in this direction and wake him up with a few shells. Continuing to move forward, the Fifteenth Arkansas engaged the enemy's skirmishers and drove them in on their first line of battle. My skirmishers then fell back on their reserve.