War of the Rebellion: Serial 010 Page 0264 KY., TENN. N. MISS., N.ALA., AND SW. VA. Chapter XXII.

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behaved with bravery,and exhibited much skill in the movement of the regiment. Colonel Mungen was prevented from going to the field by sickness, from which he had suffered several days. The adjutant and company officers generally behaved well. The Fifty-third I have already referred to. The regiment under the command of J. J. Appler fell back after two rounds, under the order of Colonel Appler. Soon afterward, as I am informed,he left the field, and was not again with the regiment during the day or Monday.

Lieutenant-Colonel Fulton, in command of the regiment, the adjutant, and company officers behaved well.

All of which I respectfully submit.


Colonel, Commanding.

General WILLIAM T. SHERMAN, Commanding.

NOTE.-- About 6 o'clock on Sunday evening a portion of my brigade, including the Fifty-third and Seventy-seventh Regiments, took a position near the heavy guns on the hill near Pittsburg, where they were prepared to support them. This was during the critical period when the enemy attempted to storm our position. The Fifty-third Regiment did good service during the afternoon of Sunday operating with other regiments.

J. H., C., C.

No. 71 Report of Lieutenant Colonel Robert A. Fulton, Fifty-third Ohio Infantry.


Camp, Shiloh, April 9, 1862

SIR: I have the honor to submit the following report of part taken by my regiment in the engagements of the 6th, 7th,and 8th;

Shortly after daylight on the morning of the 6th the regiment was formed on the color line under order and direction of Colonel Appler. After remaining here for a time they were moved to the left of our camp, forming line of battle perpendicular to the first line. Soon after Colonel Appler ordered the regiment to face about and wheel to the right and taken position in rear of the camp, which maneuver was executed under fire of the rebel skirmishers. The new line of battle was formed just in rear of our camp, in the edge of the woods. A section of Waterhouse's battery took position in the woods to our right. General Sherman and staff rode up to the open field in front of the left wing, and were fired upon by the rebel skirmishers, now advancing through the thicket in front of our camp, killing an orderly.

General Sherman, riding back, ordered Colonel Appler to hold his

position; he would support him. A battery opened upon us. The section of artillery on our right,after firing two shots, limbered up and went to the rear.

A line of rebel infantry advanced to within 50 yards and were fired into by the left wing and recoiled. Advancing again, they were met by a fire from the regiment, under which they again fell back. At this time Colonel Appler gave the command, "Fall back and save yourselves." Hearing this order, the regiment fell back in disorder, passing around the flanks of the Illinois Forty-ninth.