War of the Rebellion: Serial 010 Page 0094 KY.,TENN.,N.MISS.,N.ALA.,AND SW.VA. Chapter XXII.

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Numbers 25.-Colonel Crafts J. Wrights, Thirteenth Missouri Infantry.

Numbers 26.-Colonel B. S. Compton, Fourteenth Missouri Infantry.

Numbers 27.-Colonel Thomas Morton, Eighty-first Ohio Infantry.

Numbers 28.-Major Richard Rowett, Seventh Illinois Infantry (of the Third Brigade).

Numbers 29.-Captain Robert W. Healy, Fifty-eighth Illinois Infantry.

Numbers 30.-Colonel James L. Geddes, Eight Iowa Infantry.

Numbers 31.-Captain Henry Richardson, Battery D, First Missouri Light Artillery.

Numbers 32.-Captain Frederick Welker, Battery H, First Missouri Light Artillery.

Numbers 33.-Lieutenant James Powell, Eighteenth U. S. Infantry, commanding detachment Second and Fourth U. S. Cavalry.

Numbers 34.-Major-General Lewis Wallace, U. S. Army, commanding Third Division, with communications in reference thereto.

Numbers 35.-Colonel George F. McGinnis, Eleventh Indiana Infantry (of the First Brigade).

Numbers 36.-Colonel Alvin P. Hovery, Twenty-fourth Indiana Infantry.

Numbers 37.-Colonel John M. Thayer, First Nebraska Infantry, commanding Second Brigade.

Numbers 38.-Colonel William L. Sanderson, Twenty-third Indiana Infantry.

Numbers 39.-Lieutenant. Colonel William D. McCord, First Nebraska Infantry.

Numbers 40.-Colonel Valentine Bausenwein, Fifty-eight Ohio Infantry.

Numbers 41.-Colonel Charles Whittlesey, Twentieth Ohio Infantry, commanding Third Brigade.

Numbers 42.-Lieutenant. Colonel Manning F. Force, Twentieth Ohio Infantry.

Numbers 43.-Brig. General Stephen A. Hurlbut, U. S. Army, commanding Fourth Division.

Numbers 44.-Colonel Isaac C. Pugh, Forty-first Illinois Infantry, commanding First Brigade.

Numbers 45.-Colonel Amory K. Johnson, Twenty-eighth Illinois Infantry.

Numbers 46.-Colonel John Logan, Thirty-second Illinois Infantry.

Numbers 47.-Captain Alfred C. Campbell, Thirty-second Illinois Infantry.

Numbers 48.-Major John Warner, Forty-first Illinois Infantry.

Numbers 49.-Captain Matthew M. Trumbull, Third Iowa Infantry.

Numbers 50.-Colonel James C. Veatch, Twenty-fifth Indiana Infantry, commanding Second Brigade.

Numbers 51.-Colonel Cyrus Hall, Fourteenth Illinois Infantry.

Numbers 52.-Lieutenant. Colonel William Cam, Fourteenth Illinois, commanding Fifteenth Illinois Infantry.

Numbers 53.-Captain Louis D. Kelley, Fifteenth Illinois Infantry.

Numbers 54.-Colonel John A. Davis, Forty-sixth Illinois Infantry.

Numbers 55.-Major John W. Foster, Twenty-fifth Indiana Infantry.

Numbers 56.-Brig. General Jacob G. Lauman, U. S. Army, commanding Third Brigade.

Numbers 57.-Colonel Charles Cruft, Thirty-first Indiana Infantry.

Numbers 58.-Lieutenant. Colonel John Osborn, Thirty-first Indiana Infantry.

Numbers 59.-Colonel Hugh B. Reed, Forty-fourth Indiana Infantry.

Numbers 60.-Colonel John H. McHenry, jr., Seventeenth Kentucky Infantry.

Numbers 61.-Colonel Benjamin H. Bristow, Twenty-fifth Kentucky Infantry.

Numbers 62.-Major William B. Wall, Twenty-fifth Kentucky Infantry.

Numbers 63.-Lieutenant Cuthbert W. Laing, Second Michigan Battery.

Numbers 64.-Lieutenant Edward Brotzman, Mann's battery Missouri Light Artillery.

Numbers 65.-Brig. General William T. Sherman, U. S. Army, commanding Fifth Division.

Numbers 66.-Colonel John A. McDowell, Sixth Iowa Infantry, commanding First Brigade.

Numbers 67.-Captain John Williams, Sixth Iowa Infantry.

Numbers 68.-Colonel David Stuart, Fifty-fifth Illinois Infantry, commanding Second Brigade.

Numbers 69.-Colonel Rodney Mason, Seventy-first Ohio Infantry.

Numbers 70.-Colonel Jesse Hildebrand, Seventy-seventh Ohio Infantry, commanding Third Brigade.

Numbers 71.-Lieutenant. Colonel Robert A. Fulton, Fifty-third Ohio Infantry.

Numbers 72.-Colonel Ralph P. Buckland, Seventy-second Ohio Infantry, commanding Fourth Brigade.