War of the Rebellion: Serial 009 Page 0728 OPERATIONS IN TEX., N. MEX., AND ARIZ. Chapter XXI.

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MATAGORDA, TEX., June [July] 20, 1862.

Lieutenant R. [M.] FRANKLIN:

SIR: I arrived here with my command on Friday, 18th instant. I found no probable danger of an attack here at this place. Captain Kittredge, of the bark Arthur, blockading vessel at Aransas Pass, has created some considerable alarm from here to that Pass, and has been, to say the least of it, exceedingly impudent, landing and displaying Federal colors, making extravagant threats, &c., and has succeeded in taking some cotton. From the best information I can obtain he has not more than 150 men all told. He has not erect a battery at Lamar, as was reported. He is nevertheless a troublesome neighbor, landing at all unguarded points where there is an interest sufficient to invite his attention. One of the most important points is the mouth of Caney River, which once emptied into the Gulf, but now, by the aid of a canal a few hundred yards in length, empties into the upper extremity of Matagorda Bay, where the peninsula puts out some 20 miles from this place. There, I am informed, the Federal vessels never pass without stopping and lying off for from one to six days. It is not known, however, that any troops have ever landed at this place, no watch ever having been kept. I intend to send a detachment of men, under command of a commissioned officer, to be relieved once per week, by the aid of a boat from this place, carrying subsistence and forage from this place, and by a short ride down the peninsula to a resident's house I can communicate with the detachment in a few hours. Three miles below the city is a reef extending entirely across the bay. I there can establish a picket post, which will render a surprise impossible. The health of the command had improved since leaving Camp Clark L. Owen. Our horses can have no grass here, but I can supply them, I think, with full rations of corn and fodder. I have also made arrangements to have them stabled. I think we can probably subsist here as cheap as where we left. I have obtained a beautiful little place for a hospital, good water, &c., without cost. I am promised the services of one of the best physicians here, if I need him. From present prospects I expect the command to fare as well as usual. Some are suffering for clothing. Our men behave themselves creditably. I shall promptly report all that transpires of interest. Al plans hae been concerted with Major Chinn, provost-marshal.

I have the honor to be, &c., yours, very respectfully,


Captain, Commanding Squadron at Camp Matagorda, Texas.


Matagorda, Tex., July 22, 1862.


Acting Assistant Adjutant-General:

SIR: I regret much that my information is so meager, and that I cannot detail it with any degree of certainty. All the passes between Aransas Bay and Corpus Christi Bay have been temporarily blocked up. The enemy still have possession of Aransas Bay, and have within the past week removed some cotton from Lamar, Refugio [Aransas] County, to Mercer's Landing, Aransas Town, Saint Joseph's island, where it is under the guns of the vessel blockading that Pass. Captain Owens' command is here in good health and high spirits. They have been