War of the Rebellion: Serial 009 Page 0681 Chapter XXI. CORRESPONDENCE,ETC.-UNION.

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kept within supporting distance, and no operations should be undertaken that are foreign to the main object of the expedition, and until that is accomplished everything else will be subordinate.

Immediate operations against the enemy must be governed by circumstances and your own judgment.

As soon as possession of the country is secured the main body of your command will be established in eligible position for defense, for supplies,and for facility of movement in any direction. It will be made your depot of supplies, and strengthened so as to be held by a small force when your main body is engaged in active operations.

Dona Ana, or that neighborhood, is suggested as suitable for that purpose, as it commands the road leading into Arizona and the approach to the country from crossing of the Pecos. The position to be selected should be strengthened so as to be held by a small force whenever the main body of the force is in the field, and should be made the depot for your supplies.

It will be your duty to secure the inhabitants of the Territory in their civil rights, and to protect them in their persons and property as far as the means in your power will permit. They will also be secured as far as possible from the aggression of hostile Indians, but any operations undertaken for this purpose will of course be subordinate to the main object of the expedition. If there should be no civil authorities in the Territory the administration of civil affairs, so far as may be necessary to prevent anarchy and confusion, will devolve upon the military authorities, employing as subordinate the civil functionaries authorized by the laws of the United States. Collectors of customs, &c., will be provisionally appointed by the commanding of the district, subject to the approval of the department commander; the territorial officers by election, in accordance with the laws of the Territory, commissioned by the Governor, unless in the mean time a separate Territorial government is organized for Arizona, care being taken that no one is allowed to enter upon the discharge of their functions whose loyalty is at all questioned. If it can be procured, a copy of the Territorial laws will be sent to you.

The question of supplies for your command will be one of great importance and difficulty; they should be drawn as far as practicable from Arizona or the neighboring Mexican States of Chihuahua and Sonora. After the necessary arrangements have been made these will no doubt supply you with fresh meat and breadstuffs, bacon, &c., for subsistence, and forage for the animals,and you will at once send agents into the neighborhood from which these supplies can be procured for the purpose of making these arrangements. Until these are definitely fixed your requisitions will be made upon the depot at Fort Craig.

It is apprehended that many disloyal and lawless individuals will be found in Arizona, both in the native and foreign population. These should be vigorously dealt with. The provisions of martial law, as promulgated in General Orders, No. 53, of October 20, 1861, furnishes the necessary power for controlling this part of the population. This order, modified in some particular, will be republished, and furnished you for distribution.

The country south of Santa Barbara will constitute the District of Arizona, to be commanded by the senior of the troops serving there.

Very respectfully, your obedient servant,


Brigadier-General, Commanding Department.