War of the Rebellion: Serial 009 Page 0618 OPERATIONS IN TEX., N. MEX., AND ARIZ. Chapter XXI.

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Numbers 2. Report of Captain Jack Sands, of the destruction of the Hannah.

CORPUS CHRISTI, TEX., August 27, 1862.

A few days before the arrival of the enemy at this place I solicited Major A. M. Hobby to allow me to get my boat to a place of safety in Nueces Bay, there being at the time plenty of water on the reef for her to get over. He said that he wanted the Hannah and the Breaker to remain at this place as spy boats, but assured me that none of the larger boats should attempt to cross the reef before mine. Accordingly I remained at the wharf.

On the afternoon of August 12, when the enemy were in full sight, distant about 7 miles of the town, I was ordered to get over the Nueces Reef with all speed. Got under way immediately and stood for the reef. The Elma, or Major Minter, had been run into the channel the previous day, where she grounded, leaving only a narrow place for vessels to pass. On arriving off the reef discovered that she had been fired, and seemed to be on fire fore and aft. Hearing that she had powder on board, did not like to attempt to pass her. An explosion would have killed us all. Came around and stood back for the town, intending to run on the flats, where the boat could have been hauled out and been safe from capture, but was ordered back, and the boat was run on shore above the town on a bold bank. Major Hobby said that he would send men to haul her out, a thing that was impossible without ways, as the bank at that place was at least 4 feet in height. A party of 15 unarmed men came down and were at work on her, when the enemy came abreast of the boat and fired a shot at the party. They all immediately left. The enemy then came to anchor, distant about 400 yards, and commenced manning a boat. Fearing that they would cut her out, I immediately fired her and she was consumed.


JACK SANDS, Captain.

AUGUST 16-18, 1862.- Bombardment of Corpus Christi, Tex.


Numbers 1.-Brigadier General Hamilton P. Bee, C. S. Army.

Numbers 2.-Major A. M. Hobby, C. S. Army.

Numbers 1. Reports of Brigadier General Hamilton P. Bee, C. S. Army.


Corpus Christi, Tex., August 21, 1862.

SIR: I reached this place yesterday, and have the honor to report that I find all things quiet. The enemy attacked the town on Saturday and again on Monday, firing between 200 and 300 shell and shot. They were bravely resisted by our forces, and after being struck a number of times by the shot from our battery (which was planted during the night of Friday) he was forced to retire, we believe in a crippled condition.

On Tuesday morning the enemy left, and is now lying at his old anchorage near the Shell Bank. His return is looked for, as his dis-