War of the Rebellion: Serial 009 Page 0612 OPERATIONS IN TEX., N. MEX., AND ARIZ. Chapter XXI.

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prisoners was unanimous that Andres Roeg and wife were citizens of Matamoros, caught in New Orleans by the enemy on his taking possession, and that as a matter of kindness Captain Kittredge had carried them as passengers. But in relation to Mr. Cavanos, a doubt as to his true status and feelings was created, and hence I released the former two and detained the latter, to be sent to Colonel Luckett, whom he claims to be well and intimately acquainted with, for final disposition.

Owing to the information received as above-that from Captain Neal, the results of several reconnaissances, and reports brought in from various quarters as to the design of the enemy and his expecting re-enforcements within a few weeks-I called the officers together for consultation and to decide as to what ought to be done to oppose and prevent the further encroachments of the enemy. It was unanimously decided-

1st. To send the gunboat General Bee, Captain Thomas Harrison, with a picked crew, and the dispatch-boat Breaker, Captain J. Harding, with a detachment from Captain Ireland's company, to guard the ship channel.

2nd. To obstruct the ship channel by sinking in the narrowest point such number of "come-at-able" vessels as were requisite, the vessels to be loaded with stone.

3rd. To take possession of the schooner Elma and fit her for a gunboat at once, arm and man her, and place her at Corpus Christi Pass, to prevent the enemy's cutters or launches to force [from forcing] an entrance to our from said point.

4th. To send 40 picked men, as well armed and mounted as possible, under a proper guide, and commanded by Lieutenant W. Mann, around by the reef, avoiding the coast until above Lamar, and thence crossing to Saint Joseph's Island, to burn and destroy the cotton taken by the enemy and piled at Johnson's house in the night.

5th. To fit out an expedition by water, to make a feint upon the enemy at the Shell Bank, to divert his attention from Saint Joseph's Island, while Lieutenant Mann's forces attempt to destroy the cotton.

6th. To appoint Captain John Dix to superintend and direct the arming, equipping, and fitting out of the vessels to be employed.

Under the second head the schooners Relief and Confederate, after appraisement, were taken, loaded with concrete, and sunk in the night unobserved by the enemy, and the sloop Iowa is now in like manner being loaded for the same purpose. These will effectually prevent the enemy's gunboat from coming into Corpus Christi Bay through the ship channel. All the other heads have been acted on, and are either executed or in progress of execution. I inclose you slip from Captain Ware,* and will report final results as soon as possible. Captain Ware, with his party, attacked the enemy near the Shell Bank and drove him back, firing with rifles at 200 yards, and causing the enemy to seek shelter in the hold of his boat. The prize Bella Italia now fitted up by him as a small gunboat. There is no doubt that the Corpus [Christi] Pass is now blockaded by the prize-schooner Reindeer, and that the entrance thence must be guarded. I will see that the proper steps are taken for preventing a surprise. The cotton at the Flour Bluffs and the salt trade along the Laguna de la Madre are the objects sought by the enemy.

I trust that my action in the foregoing may meet with your approbation. Should it be otherwise I should feel much chagrined. I send you English paper and New Orleans Delta of the 1st, in which see


*Not found.