War of the Rebellion: Serial 009 Page 0588 OPERATIONS IN TEX., N. MEX., AND ARIZ. Chapter XXI.

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to Densmore's Station (Soldier's Farewell) and halted at 5 p. m. Discovered here a small spring about 2 or 3 miles up the arroyo, north of station, and a hole of bad water 800 yards south of station. Left Densmore's Station at 8 p. m.; marched 14 miles to Cow Springs, and encamped at 12, midnight; water and grazing abundant. The road from the Cienega of San Simon to this place is good for loaded teams, excepting 4 or 5 miles to the pass. Course, northeast; 46 miles.

Soon after leaving Densmore's Station found 2 men on the side of the road under rather suspicious circumstances; took three letters from them, one directed to the commander of Federal forces at Tucson or en route; put the men in charge of guard and brought them back. (Letters herewith inclosed, marked Nos. 1, 2, and 3.*) There discovered 9 men encamped, who proved to be a party sent by Colonel Chivington, commanding Southern Military District of New Mexico, at Fort Craig, with a letter to Colonel Carleton, with verbal orders to deliver it to the commander of the advance of his column when met with, and return to Fort Craig. Read the communication, and returned Mr. Milligan and one of his party with the answer to Fort Craig at 3 p. m. on the 30th instant, at which place he would arrive on the evening of the 2nd proximo. Letter of Colonel Chivington and my answer thereto herewith inclosed.* From Mr. Milligan I learned of the capture of Jones, the expressman, by the secessionists at the Picacho, near Mesilla, his two companions having been killed by Indians at Apache Pass and himself chased by them for a great many miles. This information was brought to Fort Craig by a friendly Mexican, who was present at the capture of Jones.

June 30, laid over.

July 1. This morning a number of men were discovered by the lookout approaching from the direction of the Pino Alto gold mines; sent out a party and brought them into camp. They proved to be a party of 30 Mexican miners, returning to Sonora in consequence of the almost total absence of provisions at the mines; allowed them to proceed on their journey. Left Camp Springs at 8 a. m., arrived at the Rio Miembres at 1 p. m. and encamped 2 miles above station; water and grazing abundant and of the best quality; road good. Course, northeast; 16 miles.

July 2, laid over. At o'clock this morning one of the pickets discovered persons approaching camp. They were arrested and brought in -12 men and 2 women, one a German, the others Mexicans. They also were from the mines en route for Mesilla. Ordered them confined, in order to secure the secrecy of my movements. At 9 a. m. sent out party of 20 men to examine Cooke's Canon, with orders to arrest, if possible, all persons they may meet with, and remain at Cooke's Spring until the command came up.

July 3, left Miembres River at 6.30 a. m.; marched 12 miles over a good road to Cooke's Pass. From here to summit road hilly. A long, rocky, but not very steep, hill brings you to the top of the pass; from there the descent to the spring is good; distance from pass to spring 6 miles. Course, north-northeast and northeast; 18 miles. There came up with the party sent in advance yesterday; they reported no person in sight and no fresh traces.

July 4, left Cooke's Spring at 6.30 a. m.; took Fort Thorn road, which keeps a north-northeast course, while the Mesilla road turns to the right immediately at the springs and bears east-northeast, passing the


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