War of the Rebellion: Serial 009 Page 0583 THE CALIFORNIA COLUMN.

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[Inclosure U.]


Jornada del Muerto, N. Mex., September 8, 1862.


Commanding District of Arizona, Mesilla, Ariz.:

COLONEL: I met this morning some paroled prisoners of war. I have heard there are 93 of them. They are on their way to Texas. Surgeon Covey, of the C. S. Army, who goes with them, informs me that they have some arms belonging to the United States, with which to defend themselves en route to San Antonio. Give orders so that Lieutenant- French, First California Cavalry, whom I sent towards Texas with other prisoners, may bring these arms and this transportation back, escorted by his men. I have not received one word of instruction in relation to these prisoners, and know nothing about them except what I gleaned from orders in Lieutenant Bennett's possession and from what Surgeon Covey told me. Having these arms they will need no escort from you, and will not be well to have our men and animals broken down without good cause. Keep them moving. Have no delays at Fillmore. Let them camp down near, but not at, the grazing camp. Do not let them delay at all at Franklin. If care is taken the brigands and others in El Paso will attempt to communicate with them and may be caught. Surgeon Covey should not know the full extent of our force now en route from California.

* * * *

Be sure and have Wagon-master Veck report at Peralta with 15 wagons and the ambulance and team and driver which went below with me. (Truett's).

Assistant Wagon-master Francis will be placed in charge of the train of 25 wagons which are to go to Tucson. No soldier teamster will go with that train, and no man who is mustered as teamster who does not drive a team; nor will any such be permitted to remain with any train, whether in camp or on the road. All such men will at once be provided with, teams, and a like number of soldiers be relieved from extra duty. I desire that you will see that this rule goes into effect at once. Should a teamster become sick in camp or on the road, his place will be supplied temporarily by a soldier. If follows, therefore, that there will not be a single man mustered as teamster who does not drive a team, nor will any extra man be allowed as a cook for the teamster. They must cook for themselves. If you can swoop up other people about you who had better travel to Texas, now is a good opportunity to send them to that country.

You must discharge every civil employe whose services are not indispensably necessary.

You must discharge every civil employe whose services are not indispensably necessary.

Please make me a report of the amount of provisions you have on hand and the number of troops, &c., to be rationed, as soon as the Texans have gone.

I am, colonel, very respectfully, your obedient servant,


Brigadier-General, U. S. Army, Commanding.

NOTE.-Ask Colonel Bowie to do me the favor to release and send to California a political prisoner named J. S. Bratton on his taking the oath of allegiance.

J. H. C.