War of the Rebellion: Serial 009 Page 0556 OPERATIONS IN TEX., N. MEX., AND ARIZ. Chapter XXI.

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tents, tools, spare wagon timbers, leather, wagon grease, horseshoes, mule-shoes, horseshoe-nails, stationery, &c., as may be required, will leave Tucson for the Rio Grande, escorted by Companies A, Fifth California Volunteer Infantry, and A, First California Volunteer Cavalry, each furnished with sixty days' rations. This command will have an ambulance, forge, and water-tank, and such other articles as may be required to render it efficient.

VI. Company D, First California Volunteer Cavalry, will move from Tubac directly for the crossing of the San Pedro, where it will arrive on the 22nd instant. From that point it will from the advance guard of the column, and habitually, unless otherwise ordered, will march one day in front of West's command.

VII. Captain Cremony's company (B, of the Second California Volunteer Cavalry) will march near the head of the column, to serve as flankers or a vedettes, as occasion may require.

VIII. The staff officers attached to these headquarters, except the chief commissary, will, until further orders, move with West's command. Surgeon Prentiss, First California Volunteer Cavalry, will move with the second command, and Surgeon Wooster, Fifth California Volunteer Infantry, will move with Rigg's command.

IX. The chief quartermaster, chief commissary, and medical director are charged with giving the most perfect efficiency possible to all matters pertaining to the public service in their departments, keeping in mind the fact that this column is presumed now to move forward prepared at all points to engage the enemy at any moment by night or by day. Let nothing be omitted or neglected which will give due effect to this idea, whether on the march or on the field of battle.

X. That every soldier may move forward with a light, free step, now that we approach the enemy, he will no longer be required to carry his knapsack.

XI. This is the time when every soldier in this column looks forward with a confident hope that he, too, will have the distinguished honor of striking a blow for the old Stars and Stripes: when he, too, feels in his heart that he is the champion of the holiest cause that has ever yet nerved the arm of a patriot. The general commanding the column desires that such a time shall be remembered by all, but more particularly by those who from the guilt have been so unfortunate as to be prisoners on such an occasion. He therefore orders that all soldiers under his command who may be now held in confinement shall be at once released.

By command of Brigadier-General Carleton:


First Lieutenant, First Cal. Vol. Inf., Asst. Adjt. General

[Inclosure Numbers 2.]



Tucson, Ariz., July 21, 1862.

I. All of the Territory of Arizona west of a meridian line running through what is known as Apache Pass, on the Butterfield Mail Route, hence to Mesilla, will constitute a military district, to be know as the District of Western Arizona, the headquarters of which shall be Tucson, Ariz. Major David Ferguson, First California Volunteer Cavalry, is hereby placed in command of this district, as well as of the post and town of Tucson.

II. The duties which devolve upon Major Ferguson by this order are