War of the Rebellion: Serial 009 Page 0381 Chapter XX. CORRESPONDENCE, ETC.-UNION.

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Abstract from return of the Department of North Carolina, Major General Ambrose E. Burnside commanding, for April, 1862.

Present for duty.

Offi- Aggregate Aggregate

Troops. cers. Men. present. present and


1st Division. 184 4,836 6,010 7,088

2nd Division. 152 4,381 5,335 6,099

3rd Division. 83 2,210 2,649 3,259

4th Brigade. 80 2,128 2,534 2,701

Total. 499 13,555 16,528 19,147

Organization of troops in the Department of North Carolina April 30, 1862.

Major General AMBROSE E. BURNSIDE, commanding.


Brigadier General JOHN G. FOSTER.

First Brigade.

17th Massachusetts, Colonel T. J. C. Amory.

23rd Massachusetts, Major A. Elwell.

25th Massachusetts, Colonel Edwin Upton.

Second Brigade.

10th Connecticut, Lieutenant Colonel I. W. Pettibone.

24th Massachusetts, Colonel T. G. Stevenson.

27th Massachusetts, Lieutenant Colonel L. Lyman.


3rd New York, Colonel J. H. Ledlie.

1st Rhode Island, Battery F, Lieutenant C. H. Pope.


Brigadier General JESSE L. RENO.

First Brigade.

2nd Maryland, Lieutenant Colonel J. E. Duryee.

103rd New York, Colonel F. W. Egloffstein.

48th Pennsylvania, Colonel James Nagle.

Second Brigade.

11th Connecticut, Lieutenant Colonel Charles Mathewson.

21st Massachusetts, Lieutenant Colonel W. S. Clark.

51st New York, Colonel Edward Ferrero.

51st Pennsylvania, Colonel J. F. Hartranft.


Brigadier General JOHN G. PARKE.

8th Connecticut, Colonel Edward Harland.

9th New Jersey, Colonel Charles A. Heckman.

4th Rhode Island, Colonel I. P. Rodman.

5th Rhode Island (battalion), Major John Wright.

1st U. S. Artillery, Battery C, Captain L. O. Morris.



6th New Hampshire, Lieutenant Colonel S. G. Griffin.

9th New York, Lieutenant Colonel E. A. Kimball.

89th New York, Colonel H. S. Fairchild.