War of the Rebellion: Serial 009 Page 0339 Chapter XX. SKIRMISH AT TRANTER'S CREEK, N. C.

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ahead of the squadron. He here halted and sent an order to Captain Stearns, commanding the squadron, to close up at a gallop. Before the order was executed a mounted of the enemy, in number about 60, came into the main road from a by-path on the left between our advance guard and the squadron. They immediately opened fire on the squadron, causing it to halt. The advance guard now charged them from the rear and gallantry cut their way through the enemy had rejoined the squadron. I had in the mean time dismounted 50 of my men, armed with carbines and Belgian rifles, and deployed them in the woods to the right and left as skirmishers. The enemy, however, on seeing our force, retreated in confusion and scattered through the woods, leaving their dead and wounded, 10 in number, on the field. Mu skirmishers, having been relieved by infantry, were called in, and by your order my regiment countermarched and returned to New Berne, reaching here at 4 p. m. May 15.

My command behaved most gallantry throughout the affair. Major Fitzsimmons was wounded by a rifle-ball in the left shoulder at the outset of the engagement, which had the effect to dislodge him from his saddle. His horse was subsequently shot. While dismounted he received a slight wound from a rifle-ball on the back of his head, which stunned and threw him to the ground, when he was made a prisoner. He shortly recovered and made his escape, but was soon retaken. While being taken away by a rebel soldier he was struck on the forehead by the breech of a rifle in the hands of a rebel who rushed out of the woods, which was observed by a private in Company K (Thomas Maine), who rode forward and shot the assailant, thereby releasing Major Fitzsimmons.

The following is a list of the casualties in my regiment: Wounded -Major Charles Fitzsimmons slightly; Private William Bellows, Company C, seriously, left arm amputated; and Private Robert Craig, Company C, slightly. Missing - Lieutenant John Mayes and Privates Matthews Sullivan, Joseph Carson, Benjamin Corsout, and William Hithree, all of Company C.

I am, colonel, with much respect, your obedient servant,


Colonel, Commanding Third New York Volunteers Cavalry.


Seventeenth Mass. Vols., Commanding First Brigadier, First Div.

MAY 30, 1862.- Skirmish at Tranter's Creek, N. C.

Report of Captain George F. Jocknick, Third New York Cavalry.

WASHINGTON, N. C., May 31, 1862.

SIR: I have the honor to submit to you the following report of the fight which occurred yesterday between a mounted patrol of my company and a body of rebel troops laid in ambush:

In accordance with our daily routine of duties Second Lieutenant Allis started early in the morning with a detail of 15 men to reconnoiter the Greenville road as far as Tranter's Creek, about 8 miles from here. Having received information that only a small body of rebel troops, invariably estimated at from 12 to 15 men, were in advance, Lieutenant Allis deemed it expedient to cross the bridge over the said creek, leav-